"90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" once again showed Nicole and Azan not bonding. Once again, Azan found a reason not to be with Nicole, and fans grow concerned that she's actually delusional. This time around very little sympathy came over for Nicole. In fact, the word 'delusional' got used multiple time across social media. However, over on Instagram, someone who noted "Offical Marriage Rescue" premiered last night suggested a crossover. Others agreed that Jon Taffer could be put to good use on TLC's "90 Day Fiance" series.

Nicole and Azan's never-ending non-love story on '90 Day Fiance'

Azan and Nicole go back years on the "90 Day Fiance" show and they repeatedly fail. We first saw them in season 4 of the show. Recall they met via a dating app, but they still never got things right in season 5 of the show. Now, we see yet another disaster unraveling on "Happily Ever After?" This time around, Azan the Moroccan failed to appear for a reunion trip to Grenada. Well, we never saw the couple together this season at all, so that's no major surprise.

Fans grow convinced Azan wants nothing to do with her, except for taking her money and the possibility of a K-1 Visa. After all this time of watching Nicole and Azan, people simply ran out of patience, with many saying she's "delusional." It came after she got a call from Azan saying he couldn't make it as he had "a family emergency." Nicole's mom agrees with "90 Day" fans that Azan's a scammer but still, Nicole refuses to hear of it.

Fans ask how many times Azan needs to play her before she gets the message?

'Official Marriage Rescue' premieres on Paramount, fans suggest a crossover with '90 Day Fiance'

As part of the latest episode showed, Colt and Larissa went to a therapist. That kickstarted a conversation about the premiere of 'Official Marriage Rescue.' The show, which airs on Paramount Network sees marriage expert Jon Taffer take on the task of attempting a repair to some very bad and toxic failing marriages.

On Instagram, someone noted that "90 Day Fiance" couples could use a crossover.

Colt and Larissa would be interesting with mom Debbie having her say as well. Then Ashley and Jay could use a little bit of advice and Jon could advise Nicole on her non-marriage as well. Although to be honest, we don't know how good he is at marriage counseling someone who never married.

Anyway at least one person noted, "I’m watching @officalmarriagerescue at 10pm - looks AMAZING & I wish Jon Taffer would host the 90DF reunions." That really sounds like a great idea.

Account 90dayfiancenews agreed, noting, "He’s awesome! I would always watch bar rescue. He needs to host a reunion/tell all for sure ."

What do you think about Nicole possibly being "delusional" over Azan? Do you think a crossover with "Official Marriage Rescue" could be something TLC should think about?

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