"90 Day Fiance" documented the story of Steven Frend and Olga in season 6 of the TLC show. Things didn't always go well for the couple during the show, but they got through it all. Eventually, their baby, Alex, also known as "Richie" arrived right at the end of the season. Fans hated the way Steven complained Olga gave him more attention than the baby. However, now they all finally reunited in the USA and they celebrate two years together.

Steven Frend returned to the USA without Olga and the baby after '90 Day Fiance'

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" know that Steven returned to the USA without Olga.

He set about finding work and later started up his new Ganja account ganjapreneur410 on Instagram. He got into activism to promote the legal use of cannabis. More recently, he's doing a lot of Green stuff on his social media about climate change and keeping the planet safe. During this time, fans awaited the promised arrival of Olga and baby Richie.

Delayed for what seemed like ages, Olga eventually broke their social media silence. The announcement came that the couple and the baby reunited in the USA. Fan speculation arose that maybe they went silent because they were filming, TV Shows Ace reported. On Father's Day, Olga shared a lovely photo to "90 Day Fiance" fans. It showed Richie and his dad at the swimming pool.

Luckily, they got together in time for that, and in time for their second year anniversary together.

Two years as a couple and Steven agrees it wasn't always easy

Taking to his Instagram Friday, June 21, Steven posted up a nice photo of the couple. He captioned it with, "Today marks 2 years together. has it been perfect? No. But in reality, all relationships do have there ups and downs, but staying together is what makes the relationship so very strong."

He then added, "I appreciate you Olga so much for staying patient with me while I found my way.

I was so lost without you here with me and now that I have you i never want to let you go. So here’s to 2 years down and many more to come I love you babychka."

'90 Day' fans react to Steven, Olga, together for two years

Fans of the "90 Day Fiance couple" like the way Steven got his act together and finally delivered on the promise to bring Olga and Richie to the USA.

Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @Cou**: "Five languages of love is the best book !!! I’ve been married 23 years ! You’re so right it’s ups and downs but knowing your partner has your back is the best feeling,"
  • @Kya**: "Love endures!!! It takes work to make a relationship work. It's all worth it in the end. Take that 5 love languages test. It will help you two out. Wish you both the best. Happy anniversary."
  • @Jen**: "Best wishes to you both! And Steven you hit the jackpot with her, she's so naturally beautiful and has a sparkling personality. Beautiful family."

What do you think about Steven Frend and Olga working things out and reuniting in the USA with baby Richie? They celebrated two years together, and things look to come right for this young couple now.

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