General Hospitalseems to be going around Robin Hood's barn where Chase and Lulu are concerned and fans are wondering if they will fall in love or not. Many viewers believed that the police detective would comfort his partner’s wife and help her through grief over the end of her marriage. Instead, for months now, Willow has been monopolizing Chase’s time, all the while growing closer to Michael. While the Falconeri marriage hangs in limbo, “Lace” has had a few brief encounters and fans wonder what it means, if anything. The writers may be teasing viewers with much ado about nothing or they could in time turn the friendship into so much more.

To get there, "Lante’s” marriage would need to be resolved as would all the drama with Willow, Shiloh, and Wiley.

'Lace' pairing probable on 'GH'

”General Hospital” has handled the Dante situation in an awkward manner from day one. Rather than recast the role when Dominic Zampragna departed, Lulu was left in limbo to rear Charlotte and Rocko as a single mom. It would have been natural for Chase to look out for his partner’s wife and children but instead, he was kept busy with Willow and all her Dawn of Day related drama. Fans took note that when Detective Falconeri returned to Port Charles he did not even contact the man he had been working side by side with. Neither did he ask Chase to look out for his wife and children which would have been quite natural when he left for reprogramming.

”General Hospital” appears to have purposefully placed distance between the Falconeri’s and the brother of Hamilton Finn but “Lace” have had a few run-ins that give viewers pause. The detective once stayed with Lulu in order to get over a hangover and had a brief exchange with her during the Nurses Ball On Thursday, the two had a brief exchange after Chase found out Lulu was using herself as bait to find a man who is setting up dates with women, then burglarizing their homes.

This may be what brings the police detective and the investigative reporters into each other's orbit.

'GH' May give ‘Lace’ a chance

“General Hospital” could easily have recast the role of Dante instead of sending him off to parts unknown. This leaves Lulu in limbo. and unable to move forward. Something is about to change, however, because Maxie is determined to find Dante so perhaps a closure is at hand.

If Zampragna is not returning to his role as Sonny’s first born, it’s possible Lulu and Chase will become a couple, in time. Right now the police detective is heavily involved with Willow, but all of that could change.

”General Hospital” has Ms. Tate and Michael relying heavily on each other and when the baby swap comes to light they may realize their true feelings towards one another. Once things are finally resolved with Dante, “Lace” may finally fall in love. Chase man even have to save Lulu from harm that related to her Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2;00 PM EST to find out what happens next.