Dylan Dreyer grew up around her brothers in New Jersey, so the “Today” third-hour co-host and meteorologist knows a thing or two, or 19, about sports. She's shown that she can throw a baseball pitch and that she's still right at home in her high school gym. When it comes to covering the races at Royal Ascot, though, Dylan Dreyer knows that style is essential to the event.

As she shared earlier in the week, Dylan is a principal part of NBC's featured 22 hours of coverage at Royal Ascot. She let Sheinelle Jones, Al Roker, and Craig Melvin know that she would be placing 20 genuine British pounds on a wager to see which colors Queen Elizabeth would choose for the crowning day of racing on Saturday.

This morning, June 21, Dylan Dreyer displayed that she indeed had money in hand, and took guesses from her AM sidekicks on what the colors would be.

Dylan didn't come to Royal Ascot alone this year. Her husband, Brian Fichera looked dapper as could be standing by her side and indulging in truly British culture. Dylan and Brian took “Today” viewers through the process of picking just the right attire for such a royal event. The couple made some smashing fashion choices.

Strict rules on trends and taste

Dylan Dreyer made a dash for Fennick of Bond Street for her Royal Ascot choices. Style decorum demands that straps for ladies dresses must be at least an inch wide. Dress lengths can be no shorter than an inch above the knee.

Hat bases must be 4 inches wide, but there is no restriction on how large a hat can be. Headwear can be the outlet for flaunting it, so to speak.

Dreyer fell in love with a few selections, suggesting “let's just try them all,” to her husband in the “Today” segment. For Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, Dylan chose green and pastel florals on a white background, with a tasteful hat.

For her Friday ensemble, she chose a tasteful white dress with side cutouts in black and lace patterns. Her wide-brimmed hat with a ring of white flowers made a perfect complement.

Brian Fichera is beginning to be a somewhat regular model on “Today.” The supportive husband strutted down a green runway to show-off summer fashions for Father's Day.

His choices for Royal Ascot were distinctive morning coats with coordinating vests. He went bold with a top hat from Oliver Brown, too. “It's kind of aggressive, but I like it,” he related to his wife this morning. Another daring choice was the yellow vest he wore alongside Dylan in the spectator stands. The couple welcomed the Queen from a close distance.

Dylan and Brian were completely cordial in toasting the Rockefeller Plaza “Today” crew with the British summer cocktail, the Pimm’s Cup. The backstage staff had stirred up the same drink for New York, so all the “Today” third-hour hosts could imbibe, at least a sip or two. The beverage is made with gin, lemonade, and fruits. English lemonade is much more like the Sprite soft drink than the American citrus refresher.

Brian dubbed it as being “dangerously good.”

Down to the money

Dylan Dreyer flashed the 20 British pounds that she had in her hand. She also reported that Her Majesty donned a bright raspberry ensemble for this morning. She asked what her “Today” colleagues predicted would be the color for tomorrow. Sheinelle Jones didn't even make her own choice, but facilitated selections from Craig Melvin and Stephanie Gosk. Melvin opted for generic green, while Gosk chose chartreuse.

Since chartreuse was not listed among the color choices for the wager, only offering an “other” category, Dreyer declared that the financial allotment would go for the green. She further pledged that the currency would be converted to dollars if the choice won.

“Today” fans will have more than one reason to tune into the 8 AM EST coverage Royal Ascot tomorrow, and everyone will be looking at Dylan Dreyer, too.