"Real Housewives of New York" star Jill Zarin recently made the news as she got shunned by her fellow cast members for the new season of the Bravo show. TV Shows Ace reported that "she spoke about it on "TalkShopLive" when she did a promo for her rug business, mentioning that she invited the cast members to a birthday party, but they didn’t want to come. Jill looks like she’s feeling a little bit rejected." Now, after questioning a retailer's bathroom policy, she sparked a big argument. Some followers got into a controversial debate about it, and some tweets to Jill probably made her feel even more rejected.

Jill Zarin of 'Real Housewives of New York' posts about needing the bathroom at a retailing outfit

The Reality TV star took to her Twitter on the evening of May 26 about being in a shop buying some things. In fact, in her words, she noted that she bought "a ton of stuff." Apparently, she asked if she could use the bathroom and they said she couldn't as "it's not store policy." Outraged, Jill noted, "WTF???" Then she asked her followers if she should "walk out and not give them the business?"

Well, if she was looking for a reaction, she certainly got more than one. In fact, it sparked a bit of an argument and controversy over whether retail outlets should allow customers to use their bathrooms.

Actually, it seems that some do, and others, even part of the same chain, do actually allow it. Some people argued that if that's the store policy, then why should Jill think she has special privileges. Some people actually got quite forceful about the "Real Housewives of New York" star thinking she should expect exceptions because she's "privileged."

Fans share their thoughts and the controversy rages as there were diverse ideas on it

It may seem to people who know Jill Zarin from "Real Housewives of New York," that this is all just a fuss over nothing.

However, it's amazing just how many people have serious opinions on the use of bathrooms in retail stores. Controversy seemed divided between those who feel customers should be able to use the bathroom, and those who felt policy is policy for whatever reason, and Jill thinks she's too good for that.

Another, who claimed to actually witness the incident obviously does not know Jill very well at all.

They claimed that they were "in intermix and [they] heard and saw the whole thing." The tweeter added, "I was appalled and disgusted by the way you spoke to the employee’s... news flash ..no matter who you are it’s a store policy that you can’t use the restroom.. what makes you think you and your husband are above the policy?" Well, fans of Jill got a bit angry about that, as all her followers know her husband Bobby died from thyroid cancer.

The argument on Twitter rages over Jill Zarin and retail store's bathroom policy

The arguments for and against what Jill should have done and ideas on the store's policy got quite heated.

Here are some of the comments on Twitter that the "Real Housewives of New York" star sparked:

  • @Ang**: "Yes. Ask to talk to the manager, items you were going to buy in hand, and tell them you’re leaving since the restroom isn’t available to paying customers. So you’re going to shop elsewhere. Hand them everything you were going to buy/try on for their staff to put back.."
  • @Don**: "You aren’t special just bc you’re buying stuff. If it’s their policy, there’s a reason. It’s not about YOU."
  • @A96**: "Never heard of such a Thing walk out and don’t ever go back."
  • @Jen**: "I actually feel like shopping there now BC they didn't give into celebrity privilege. What's the difference between someone spending a lot of money and someone spending a lesser amount. Why is one entitled to use the bathroom over the other?"
  • @C67**: "This is standard policy. It is a liability issue as well as a loss prevention issue. Makes no difference how much you spend. Don't be entitled!."
  • @Meg**: "I honestly think it’s kind of asinine for establishments that expect you to spend money in their stores not to have a public bathroom for paying customers. IMO it has nothing to do with privilege."

As you can see, lots of people have different ideas about being able to use the bathroom or not.

Do you think Jill Zarin was wrong in tweeting about it and causing big arguments and controversy on Twitter? What do you think about retailers and bathroom policies?

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