"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say that Carly will go to the grave of her deceased son. In that sad place, she will let herself go in desperate crying, convinced that her pregnancy ends tragically. Although the medical examinations have been okay, Carly is not at all calm. Will her instinct as a woman be right? Intriguing "GH" rumors suggest that if Carly loses her child, Michael would find out the truth about Wiley. Without a doubt, it's a twist that would change everything within the complicated plot of "General Hospital".

'General Hospital': Carly has bad feelings about her baby

The latest "General Hospital" spoilers say that Carly will be very happy to know that the child is well. The woman was urgently taken to the hospital, where she was also tested for DNA. Fortunately, everything was resolved in the best possible way. Carly, very happy, will go to the cemetery to see her son dead. There will be a very moving dialogue between them, which will make fans of the soap opera cry. After the dialogue between their souls, Carly will feel that something is wrong.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that the relationship between Carly and Morgan has not always been the best. However, the fear of losing this child also changed Carly deeply.

The tests carried out at the hospital are not negative and, according to medical examinations, her baby is fine. However, the woman feels deep down that something is wrong. Is Carly's baby in danger?

Carly's pregnancy could end badly

As we know, there's always some hiccups in the "GH" plots. Carly has a bad feeling and will be convinced that her child has health problems.

Also, Sonny and Carly are not very young. It is therefore not excluded that there may be a twist in this complicated storyline. At the same time, another storyline will excite fans of the soap opera. We're talking about Josslyn who, after Oscar Nero's death, will become more and more attached to Cameron. Between the two teenagers a beautiful relationship will be born, which will turn into a love story.

Cameron will dry Joss' tears, but it will still be some time before the girl forgets the pain of losing Oscar.

Carly's instinct will most likely not be wrong? Other "General Hospital" spoilers referring to the episode that will air on June 4 on ABC, reveal that Carly will confide her most secret fears to her deceased son. After crying on the grave, the woman will sink into a state of depression. According to the assumptions of Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Carly could really lose the baby. However, we also know that Wiley is actually Michael's son, even though he is unaware of it. Interesting "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that the death of Carly's son could be the way to bring out this dark secret.