The Britney Spears saga continues, of her conservatorship squabble and her mental fitness. The latest in this story is that the star may not be able to sing ever or at least in the near future.

Talking to TMZ her longtime manager Larry Rudolph revealed that her medicines have stopped working and she recently sought expert advice by checking into a mental health facility.

'All is well,' says boyfriend

According to Deadline, the star recently obtained a restraining order against her former manager Sam Lufti and also got her kids back.

However, concerns remain about her mental state and if she is fit to take care of her kids. Amid all these turmoil, Britney’s Boyfriend Sam Asghari was continuously interacting with media and said that everything is fine with his girlfriend.

Britney still mum about issues

Meanwhile, Britney is yet to speak with the fourth estate, and speculations are rife that the members of her internal team are posting her recent social posts and not by Britney. Britney was often dubbed as enfant terrible, and too much fame at a tender age has dealt irreparable damage to her psyche. Among the ailments she is also rumored to be suffering from a split personality disorder, something which she acknowledged as the alter ego, an escape to the real person she was a shy and introvert girl.

Accuses father, rehab visit not voluntary

In another twist to the Spears story, the star made a turnaround and said that there was nothing voluntary about her checking into a mental rehab center for a 30 days rehabilitation course.

Britney gave this statement before a judge, and she also accused her father of forcing her to stay in a mental facility and forced her to take drugs. As per a report in TMZ, the star revealed that her father, Jamie, forced her to join the facility. Earlier the star had in a series of posts in the social media said that she voluntarily joined rehab center.

Britney further asked the judge to free her from the conservatorship of her father so that she can have more freedom. The judge, however, did not give any ruling but instead appointed an expert to evaluate her mental health.

Meanwhile reports hint that the star is still in a mentally unstable condition. She appeared disheveled and barefoot for her court appearance. The actress looked dazed and hardly reacted to her fans who were holding “Free Britney” banners.

Her fans have also started a #FreeBritney movement and questioned if there was any need for her father to be retained as conservator.

The star is 37 years old.

The spar has also revealed deep fissures within the Spears family Britney’s mother Lynne is concerned with the conservatorship and her daughter’s visit to the rehab center. Skeptics, however, doubt her intentions and say that Lynne is trying to repair her relationship with her estranged daughter for the last 15 years.