"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say that Lucas will soon find out the truth about Willow. Brad will remain petrified and will not know how to react. Guilt will attack Brad, who will have to decide whether to allow Willow to continue to be Wiley's mother. Shiloh will play a key role in trying to convince Brad not to betray the sect of the DoD. Archer will also meet Kristina, to whom he will put psychological pressure to return to the community home. The plot gets hot.

'GH' Spoilers: Willow can't lie anymore

"General Hospital" (GH) Spoilers say Willow's going to be placed with his back to the wall.

Lucas has been investigating the woman and Brad for a long time, and there is not much left until the truth finally comes to light. Lucas has been in the shadows for many episodes, but now he will return to being the absolute protagonist of the soap opera aired on ABC. Lucas is very fond of the child and, at the same time, keeps Brad under control.

According to Soap Hub, we can tell you that Lucas will find an important clue that can bring him very close to the secret of Willow. The woman is trying in every way to hide the truth from Shiloh who, in all likelihood, is the father of her child. In addition, Willow is protecting his son so that he doesn't end up in the hands of the DoD. Brad, on the other hand, has no intention of leaving the sect, and this could create quite a few problems.

When Lucas gets to the truth, he will find himself at a crossroads and decide whether to allow Willow to be part of Wiley's life. Without a doubt, a heated confrontation between Lucas and Brad is expected, which could end unexpectedly.

Lucas frames Brad in upcoming 'General Hospital' episodes

According to spoilers of Soap Hub, let them know that Brad's going to be in crisis.

Shiloh will put pressure on Brad, who has been emotionally fragile for a long time. Archer could, therefore, prevent the truth about Willow and Wiley from being known. Brad will be assailed by guilt, as he knows that Wiley is Willow's son. However, what Cooper doesn't imagine is that the real Wiley is not in Port Charles. As we know, there has been an exchange of cradles.

If Willow's secret is discovered and Brad allows the woman to see her daughter, Brad might take it out on General Hospital.

The plot gets more and more complicated and intriguing. "General Hospital" (GH) spoilers also say that Shiloh Archer will have the opportunity to meet Kristina at Nurses Ball. On this occasion, Archer will try to convince her to return to the DoD sect: what will Kriss decide to do? Finally, we'll see the long-awaited and bloody return of Ryan, who will further disrupt the scenarios of the soap opera.