The Bachelorette fanatics may recall Chris Lambton from way back when in 2010. He tried and failed to win the heart of Ali Fedotowsky’s. However, he obviously got over it as he later married "Bachelor" contestant, Peyton Lambton from season ten of that show. Now, he's moved onwards and upwards without Reality TV. Fans of the show love to see what happened to previous contestants, but not many of them end up entering politics.

Chris Lambton of 'The Bachelorette' went into politics

Chris lives in Dennis, Massachusetts, People reported. Apparently, it's one of those idyllic places which we associate with the seaside communities in Cape Cod.

Now, he got a landslide win and earned the right to sit on the "town’s board of selectmen." It might not sound like he's our next president, but it means that he joins a rather select group of "chief administrators." They "work together as a group to make decisions."

Now married with children, the "The Bachelorette" alum managed to grab the most votes in a race for the town boats that has five members. Whoohoo! well done! Hey, it's not every single day we see a "Bachelorette" contestant make something of their lives. Speaking to People on Tuesday, he said, "I’m absolutely blown away."

Reality TV can't compare to the thrill of winning for Chris Lambton

In reality TV you do put yourself out there and under the scrutiny of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people.

However, he feels that television didn't compare to running for office. Elaborating, he noted this time around he put his whole family out in front of the public. He got nervous because people would say they would vote for him, but you never know what actually happens on election day.

Since his television days, he didn't move that far from the camera though.

In fact, he's a "host with GHTV and the "DIY Network’s Yard Crashers and Lawn and Order." Oh yeah, he also works with the family-owned landscaping business. He did really well in the runoff and managed to garner 2,318 votes. It may not sound like a huge amount, but actually, he got way more votes in the election, than his nearest competitor.

Ballots are usually poor in town elections - 'The Bachelorette' contestant made the difference

Small town elections usually feature no more than a handful of voters. However, on Tuesday, close to 27 percent of residents tossed their ballot in the box. Normally, only around "12 percent to 15 percent of registered voters participate in the annual election." People noted. It seems that for Chris his popularity came because he hit all the right notes on "schools, housing, and wastewater."

Dennis Town Clerk Terri Bunce told People that "The Bachelorette" alum is popular in the town and really went all out. It sounds like he campaigned with honor and enthusiasm. He's the kind of guy who feels that even if you lose, you need to try to make a change.

He believes that the decisions we make today are vital for the future of small-town America. Sounds like something the rest of America could agree on. Maybe he'll reach some headier heights in the future, like Governor of Massachusetts.

Right now, Chris Lambton looks to start small and make a difference for his community

There's nothing wrong with starting small. After all, everyone starts somewhere, even the likes of former-President Obama started out working as a community organizer in Chicago. It looks like Chris is quite prepared to put in the hard yards as well. He told People that with his "Bachelor" alum wife, Peyton, he had a great supporter. "She’s a Southern girl, so she does not like cold weather,” he said.

However, she was out there in winter helping to campaign for him. “Not only is she a great wife and mom, but she’s a great political campaign companion as well.”

However, if you're holding your breath to see his political career take off, you may need to wait a while longer. In fact, he said he's not sure right now if his political career will go beyond "being a selectman." For now, he's just "excited to represent [his] town.”

What do you think about "The Bachelorette" alum, Chris Lambton running for office and winning in a landslide election? Even more important for Reality TV fans did you now he ended up marrying a "Bachelor" alum, Peyton Lambton?

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