Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" are tiring of the long and drawn out baby switch storyline. As time goes on, this storyline is taking up more air time, and becoming increasingly complicated as additional people are let in on the secret. Viewers want the truth revealed and Hope reunited with her daughter. Executive producer Brad Bell, however, is not heeding the voices of those watch the popular daytime drama. He continues to tease that the deception could go on for years in spite of protests. Perhaps those who are disgruntled should revolt as fans of "The Young and the Restless" did to bring Doug Davidson back to the daytime drama.

B&B fans disgruntled with Brad Bell

Initially, Dr. Reese was the only one who knew that he switched Hope's baby for one who had died. He then enlisted Flo to help him with the deception. Next Zoe found out and then Flo's mother Shawna was let in on the secret and the three women vowed to remain silent. Viewers are tired of this storyline and want it to be over with, but Brad Bell has other ideas. If fans become turned off and stop watching the ratings will drop as happened on "Y&R" during Mal Young's tenure.

Brad Bell has been in this business long enough to know the damage that disgruntled fans can do. After what happened to Mal Young, it seems that the top man at "B&B" would want to please fans.

Instead, he is dragging out a storyline that will only bring heartache no matter how long it takes to come to light. In the meantime Hope is torn between Liam and Thomas, Ridge and Brooke are at odds, and Flo is a complete nervous wreck.

Baby swap needs to end sooner rather than later

Soap fans are territorial regarding their favorite programs and very opinionated when it comes to plots that make no sense or go on for way too long.

Those who watch daytime drama loyally also don't appreciate when new characters are placed front and center at the expense of veterans. Keeping viewers interested is part of what causes ratings to be favorable. Should Brad Bell not end the baby switch quickly, long time viewers may tire of Shawn, Flo, and Zoe.

Last week Hope told Liam that spending time with Douglas keeps her mind off of Phoebe.

If she purposes to be a mother to Thomas and Caroline's son and loses interest in her own child, this would defeat the purpose of the bond they initially were sharing. Prolonging the reveal of Steffy's daughter being Beth will cause viewers to lose interest. By the time the truth comes out everyone will be so tired of the storyline that they may not even care. This is not what loyal "B&B" fans desire, so let's hope Brad Bell keeps this in mind. Stay tuned to find out what happens net by watching weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST,