"Young and the Restless" (Y&R) spoilers see Mia panicking. Paul, helped by Rey, is on the verge of discovering the truth about Lola. For the moment Mia's secret is safe, but soon things will change, and the plot of the soap opera will take an unexpected turn. Her child may not be Rey's, and in this case, she must take immediate action. To avoid dramatic consequences, Mia could alter the DNA test and thus prove Rey's paternity. How will Arturo Rosales react? The spoilers of Young and the Restless suggest that, in all likelihood, the real father of the child is Rosales himself.

Before Mia's final exit from the scene, her storyline will still have to resolve itself in some way. Two incredible hypotheses are making their way. Mia could be discovered for altering DNA tests and going to prison. On the other hand, due to the stress suffered in this difficult period, Mia could also have an abortion.

'Young and the Restless': Mia is hopeless

In previous episodes of Y&R, Lola has fervently hoped that the police will find her attacker and that she will be locked up in prison. Although it's a legitimate and fair wish, it doesn't justify Mia's altering DNA tests and hiding the truth about real paternity. There is a real and desperate chance that Mia's intrigues will be discovered and that she will pay for her crime.

However, new rumors suggest that a twist could change the situation in an unexpected way. Mia is under a lot of stress, and recent vicissitudes have proved her mentally and physically. The spoilers of Young and the Restless reveal that Mia could lose the baby with a miscarriage. It would be a drastic but definitive dark solution.

Rey would then be able to suppress her guilt feelings, while Mia would have a plausible excuse to leave the city. Consequently, it is not difficult to imagine that Sharon will be ready to console the unfortunate Rey.

Mia's plan for the next installments of Young and the Restless

Another possible background fascinates fans of the soap opera.

If Mia were to have an abortion, her secret would be safe. On the other hand, it is possible that her crime is discovered and she goes to prison. His vengeful nature will certainly not fade and, even if he goes to prison, he will continue to plot terrible plans and traps. Y&R spoilers reveal that Mia's abortion hypothesis is almost a certainty. Another possible scenario sees the woman in prison. Fans also wonder what will happen if the truth about the exchange of DNA results comes to light. So what will be the fate of Mia? For more details on this intricate and devastating storyline, we just have to wait for the other exciting spoilers of the soap "Young and the Restless."