In recent episodes of "Young and the Restless," we saw Sharon uncertain about the future with Rey. After finding the ultrasound, she found out that Mia is pregnant and that Rosales lied to her. How can she still trust him? Meanwhile, Victoria was joined by Bill, who believes that they should be together and love each other. As we know, Rey was fired by Paul, who recently returned to Genoa City.

On Monday's episode, the policeman was given an ultimatum. "Young and the Restless" spoilers suggest that Rey might get her job back if she follows Paul's lead.

What will happen in the next few episodes? The focus is on the discovery of Victoria, which will kick off an exciting new storyline. Phyllis is determined to protect her daughter, while Rey discovers something shocking after Paul's ultimatum. Finally, the rivalry between Ashley and Jack could cause serious economic damage to their family business.

An unstoppable passion, 'Young and the Restless'

"Young and the Restless" new spoilers from Soap Dirt, suggest that a new problem will arise for Victoria, who has just managed to forget what happened in a snowstorm. Jack and his sister will be able to find a constructive solution to their quarrels. On Thursday's episode of "Y&R," Lola and Kyle will decide to take risks and let go of the passion.

Phyllis, however, has formed a dangerous alliance with a person who has the job of deceiving Kyle.

Billy, for his part, is tired of waiting and would like Victoria to hesitate less and let go. Afterward, Lauren will make the decision to follow her personal interests. Other spoilers also reveal that Phyllis' intention to protect her daughter may not be successful.

Her plan will take an unexpected turn and she will have to think of an alternative solution.

Rey's suspicions in upcoming episodes of 'Young and the Restless'

We'll often return to talk about Rey, who will start to think about Paul's proposal. Rosales will be very skeptical of him and will fear that he has been deceived. In fact, his doubts will be confirmed.

"Y&R" spoilers reveal that Paul has designed a trap for Rey and his ultimatum is nothing more than a deception.

Abby, on the other hand, will be excited about her new job. The opening of her restaurant will take a lot of effort but Abby won't back down. The opening night is close and she has no intention of failing. Abby needs this new project, as her love-life has fallen apart. What will happen between Ashley and Jack? Spoilers ensure an unexpected change of direction. Jack has managed to get a prestigious role as CEO but his sister is ready to change the cards on the table, despite their common interest to make the family business go well. The rivalry between them could be a major obstacle if confirmed from "Young and Restless" spoilers.