"General Hospital" spoilers reveal what's going to happen to Oscar. In recent episodes, the young boy's parents have learned from doctors that there is no hope for their son. Oscar is in a coma and even if he wakes up, it could have serious psychophysical consequences. The only hope is palliative care, which will allow him to stay alive for some time and have the love of his parents.

The moment of Oscar's awakening is now imminent. Josslyn, Kim, and Drew are not prepared but they try to make themselves strong so as not to further worsen the serious situation of the young boy.

Fans of the soap opera have shown disapproval of this sad storyline, so maybe a last-minute miracle may change the fate of Oscar.

'GH' Spoilers: Oscar wakes up

"General Hospital" spoilers from Soaps She Knows and Soap Dirt state that Shiloh is out of control. It has also been suggested that Oscar will wake up from the coma. I don't know if this will happen in the episode on Friday (April 12) or if it will take place later. The young boy will still have some time to spend with his parents and the people who love him. Monica will have a very difficult task. The doctor will take away the hopes of Kim, Drew, and Josslyn by telling them that there's nothing more to do for Oscar.

Monica can only encourage them to spend as much time as possible with him and give him courage.

It won't be an easy task, especially for Josslyn, who is assailed by guilt. Don't forget that Oscar fell off the bridge while he was with her. All the friends of the unfortunate family will try to give their support. Julian will stay close to Kim, while Jax will receive a phone call from Carly.

Oscar's death on 'General Hospital'

"General Hospital" spoilers leave no hope for fans. Oscar's death is approaching. Josslyn and Monica will prepare everything necessary for the young and unfortunate boy to spend the last days of his life in a clinic specializing in palliative care. Meanwhile, we will see the return of Jasper, who will return to the city in conjunction with the death of Oscar.

His return will give rise to a new complicated storyline, full of twists and turns.

Josslyn will be comforted by her mother, Carly, and on this sad occasion, will have the opportunity to get closer to her father. Drew will only face the pain. How will he bear all of this? "General Hospital" spoilers don't report much on that, but his life could take a turn.

Soap opera fans don't lose hope. Trust in a miracle or a surgical operation that can save Oscar at the last minute. Will it really be so? We just have to wait with trepidation for the next spoilers about "General Hospital."