"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers reveal that Dr. Neil Byrne's secret may soon be discovered. Since his arrival in the city, he has aroused many suspicions about his character. A sensational indiscretion arrives in this regard. Dr. Neil could be involved in the Cassadine. To prove this, we know that the therapist has ties with Shiloh and Dawn. Kristina is the latest victim of the evil Shiloh and Alexis is the mother of the young and unfortunate girl. It's not hard to imagine what intriguing plots the therapist can hide.

In addition, Dr. Byrne is aware of all of Alexis' darkest secrets, which she relies on upon without fear.

Her trust could be very badly repaid. Will Neil use valuable information about Alexis for any other treacherous purpose? Professional secrecy may be breached if the police deem it appropriate for the investigation to take place. A similar case occurred with Franco's difficult situation. On that occasion, the police seized Dr. Collins' medical records to get to the truth. General Hospital Spoilers announce an incredible background: Neil is a member of the DoD sect and may be manipulating by Kristina's mother?

Neil is another danger to Kristina in 'General Hospital'

"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Kristina could have a new enemy. It's really Neil. Will the therapist manipulate her mother to act against the girl?

In addition, Neil could avail himself of the precious help of Sonny who, as we know, has important ties in the world of the mafia. This idea is very dangerous, but Neil is ready for anything and Kristina seems to be in a dead-end tunnel.

The therapist's plan, however, is not without its dangers. Sonny is an evildoer and if he notices the doctor's deception, it will be serious trouble for him.

What makes fans suspicious is the fact that Neil knows too much about the DoD sect's account: How come? No member of the sect is allowed to reveal what's going on in the sect, so it's suspicious. As if that were not enough, members who try to betray the members or try to escape, are killed.

Neil could have links with the sect: 'GH' spoilers

Incredible spoilers of "General Hospital" come out about the character of Neil, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.. The therapist could be a member of the sect. However, the hypothesis that the doctor is acting undercover is not excluded. What is his true face? His ambiguous behavior certainly doesn't convince, as does his particular connection with the dangerous Shiloh.

Another hypothesis appears in the storyline. Neil himself could have been manipulated by Shiloh and acts unconsciously, helping him without realizing it. We know, however, that he is a therapist and that he should, therefore, be aware of the manipulative techniques used by these types of people.

"GH" spoilers say that the truth about Neil will soon be discovered and fans will know who the therapist really is. Curious to know the next updates and the latest news? Stay tuned for other General Hospital (GH) spoilers.