''General Hospital'' spoilers reveal that Valerie Spencer will soon be arriving in town. This character will be played by actress Paulina Bugembe. Her entry into the cast will change many storylines and will not be without twists and turns. The girl has a plan in mind, ready to upset the plot of the soap opera. The episode in which we will see the arrival of Valerie is that of May 3, according to Soap Dirty Laundry. How will she get into the complicated plots of the telenovela? This is revealed by the latest ''GH'' spoilers.

Valerie and Kristina, new developments in the next episodes of General Hospital

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Valerie's arrival will inevitably bind to Kristina's uncertain fate. Her aim might be to save her, but she will come up against Kristina's obstinacy, which, for its part, seems to want to return to the sect. ''General Hospital'' next spoilers also say that Kristina intends to escape from Jason to return to Shiloh, completely subdued and subdued. How will Valerie make her change her mind? The plot gets complicated and becomes really interesting. Later, we know that during her escape, Kristina will meet a mysterious character, is it Valerie? It's not excluded that Jason and Sonny can intercept the new protagonist and stop her, not knowing her real intentions.

But it's certain that Kristina will rejoin the sect, ending up in the hands of the evil Shiloh and his followers. It is also possible that this absurd scenario will also include Alexis. The woman could get into trouble after trying to help her daughter. Other spoilers tease that Valerie will be threatened during next week's episodes.

Her torturers could be both Shiloh and Margaux, we'll see. We just have to wait for the future ''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers to find out what will be the fate of Valerie and Kristina.

Valerie's arrival is linked to Kristina's disappearance

In the next episodes of "General Hospital" on air on ABC, we will finally see the arrival of Valerie.

How will it fit into the plots of the soap? ''GH'' spoilers say that Alexis will be able to meet her, probably with a deception. Valerie's role will be intertwined with the complicated situation in which Kristina finds herself, struggling with Shiloh's intimidations and on the other hand with Jason's attempt to keep her away from the sect. Kristina is weak and helpless and can't understand the real dangers behind the DoD. What she's looking for is just a safe place to confront her weaknesses. Shiloh knows it well and uses Kristina's fragility for her murky purposes. We just have to wait for the future ''General Hospital (GH)'' spoilers to find out what will be the fate of Valerie and Kristina.