''Days of Our Lives'' (DOOL) spoilers, for the next episodes, reveal that Ciara and Ben will once again be rescuing each other. Ben wants the freedom of Ciara, despite the difficulties that this challenge presents. Ben will be helped by Hope, even if it won't be easy at all. Fans hope that Ben and Ciara, thanks to their love, will be able to overcome this tragic moment. Ben's only goal is to save his beloved, although he is aware of the dangers. ''DOOL'' spoilers reveal that his courage will be paid dearly, what will happen to Ben? In addition, Hope's jealousy could lead her to reveal Ben's secret to Ciara.

How long will it take to see Ben and Ciara happy and free of problems? Apparently, there's still a lot of time, but in the meantime the couple will make love, making the fans of this unlucky couple crazy.

Ben's drama, Ciara's love

Spoilers also say that Ben will struggle to recover after his strength test. After being found bleeding and unconscious, Ciara will fear the worst. However, she will make sure that Ben is alive and will do everything possible to help him. Luckily, we don't always see tragedies in the soap opera. Bem made it and, after recovering, he had a long hug with Ciara. The fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Be careful though, because ''DOOL'' spoilers don't always have such good news.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, misadventures of Ben and Ciara will certainly not end. After the night of love interrupted because of the man's illness and the subsequent accident, something will upset their lives for the umpteenth time. Other ''Days Of Our Lives'' spoilers tell us that Hope will never stop getting into trouble, especially after the discussions with Rafe.

Ciara seems to have gone through her critical period, allowing Hope to relax and think about her marriage.

Ciara and Ben finally in love

Spicy ''DOOL'' spoilers for this week. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Ciara and Ben will finally make love. Their relationship proceeds in the best possible way, but Hope will be jealous and will be convinced that Ben is taking advantage of Ciara.

It can't be ruled out that Hope will meet her and reveal Ben's dark secret to her, changing her life forever. The couple's fans hope that the truth will finally be discovered, despite the consequences that would follow. The foundations are there and soon something unexpected will give a not indifferent shock to the plots. What will Hope decide to do? To find out how things are going to go between Ben and Ciara, stay tuned and follow the latest ''Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) spoilers.