"American Idol" Season 17 auditions saw Laine Hardy go through to Hollywood. Skeptical fans hated that it came over as if his audition was scripted and faked. That's because they made out he never intended to audition. However, now ABC put out the "Meet Your American Idol 2019 Top 8 Finalists" segments and Lionel Richie, Laine, and his mom speak about it. It looks like Laine just squashed the rumor that he always intended to compete this year.

The Top 8 in 'American Idol' includes Laine Hardy who never intended to audition this season

Laine Hardy's audition for season 17 came when he accompanied Ashton Gill who sang "Broken Halos" by Chris Stapleton.

At the time, the judges looked all surprised to see him walk in with his guitar. Ashton Gill, from his hometown, did well enough to get through to Hollywood, but the judges held out a ticket to Hollywood to Laine as well. That came after they asked him to sing a number. Laine sang "The Weight" by The Band. Fans of the show looking at it on YouTube commented it was so obviously scripted. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @C Rat**: "Did anyone else notice Katy had his golden ticket in her hand (4:05) before he started singing?? I would like to see the unedited version of their auditions...I'm not saying it was "staged", and I'm pulling for Laine all the way...just interesting..."
  • @JKW**: "Lol. He [likely] came for another audition. Acting all modest. Poor girl got her thunder stolen. Judges deliberately tried to make her uncomfortable. Oh well...Good luck guys."
  • @Chri**: "I think it was totally staged however Laine is the real deal and he's winning this year; btw they said now he has a chance to win & I noticed him also last year as the standout they missed the ball; got a second chance!"

Ever since then, people still comment on it and many believe it was all just staged by the "American Idol" judges and Laine.

The 'Meet Your American Idol 2019 Top 8' shows a different story about it being a scripted audition

In the "Meet Your American Idol 2019 Top 8" segment for Laine, he says he was "very uncertain about the choice of coming back this year." In fact, according to him, it came from Ashton Gill that he should play the guitar for her so she could sing.

Laine adds that he went to the audition to "support Ashton." He said while he "thought about" auditioning he decided he wouldn't do that. Laine said that he "had no idea what to do," when they offered him a Hollywood ticket, adding that he "didn't plan for that to happen."

Actually, Laine felt that he couldn't say "no to Lionel." However, now he's really "glad" that he took the "second chance." Meanwhile, Lionel Richie said that the "American Idol" judges "were pressing on him really hard." He added, that you "could see somewhere in the back of his mind, something...do I want to let this go?"

Cindy, Laine Hardy's mom got excited when he told her he was doing another 'American Idol' season

Whether you think this part of the segment also got scripted, then maybe think again.

That's because most people would find it hard to believe that Laine's Mom, Cindy would lie on camera. Speaking to the camera, Cindy said that when Laine told her he "decided to do the show again, [she] was very excited." She was "happy for him." Plus, she wanted him to "redeem himself for last year."

Laine also mentioned that there really was "nothing in [his] mind" before he took the ticket. He explains his hesitation was having to do "Hollywood Week again." And, let's face it, he struggled in Hollywood last year.

What do you think, now that Laine Hardy spoke out about his 2019 audition? Do still think it may have been a scripted audition?

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