''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers reveal that soon the whole truth about Willow will come out. Neil hides a lot of secrets, especially about a mysterious patient who couldn't get out of the sect. Who could it be and above all what happened to them? The situation becomes more and more intriguing and full of dark backstage stuff every day. Harmony's great secret is about to come to light. She may have offered Willow to 'The Truth,' while Madeline may have paid for Neil's silence with a large sum of money. "GH" spoilers also reveal that Harmony may have forced Willow to enter the DoD and sleep with Shiloh through blackmail and intimidation.

What will we find out about Harmony? Twists and turns are assured.

Next episodes on 'General Hospital': Is Neil Willow's father?

''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers say that Dr. Neil Bryne will get into trouble. The obscure therapist hides a disturbing secret that will upset fans. How come Neil knows about the world of sects? The psychiatrist seems to have too much information about this. Neil Byrne could be a member of the 'DoD' and this hypothesis is becoming more and more likely. Let's not forget that one of his patients disappeared mysteriously. He could be dead, killed, or returned to the sect. The patient that Neil couldn't get out of the sect could also have committed suicide. ''GH" spoilers' also reveal that the truth about Willow will soon come to light.

Harmony seems to have raised Willow and the fact that they have the same last name only supports this hypothesis. Other clues suggest that Neil is Willow's father, aka Tait. How would the psychiatrist react if that were true?

GH new spoilers: Harmony may have forced Willow to sleep with Shiloh

In previous episodes, Willow said that his mother was part of the 'The Trust' sect and tried to convince her to join the community.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, a disturbing hypothesis emerges. Harmony may have offered Willow to the sect. According to this hypothesis, Madeline may have paid Neil to have the baby and keep quiet. In this regard, Dr. Byrne would take care of Nina, so as not to arouse suspicion. Subsequently, Neil would try to save Willow from the sect without succeeding.

That's why the psychiatrist is so familiar with the world of sects. Harmony may have also forced Willow to enter the 'DoD' and sleep with Shiloh. Of course, that would be a disturbing backstage. Was Harmony really capable of all this? Surely, Neil also hides many secrets about Willow, but according to what you read in Celebrity Dirty Laundry there is not much time before these are discovered. We'll find out with the next ''General Hospital (GH)'' spoilers.