"Days Of Our Lives" is ready to thrill fans with new twists and turns. Will is worried about the test results and trusts Sonny, who assured him that everything will be fine and that he will always be by his side. The spoilers of "Days of Our Lives" reveal that unfortunately, the truth will be cruel. Will has a brain tumor and will have to prepare for a tough battle. Meanwhile, Marlena knows that Eric is in love with Sarah but she will think it appropriate to keep it a secret. A twist could, however, change Marlena Evans' plan. Sarah will eventually discover the truth and as a result, Eric could take a step back from Rex.

He'll also see the love and revenge of the soap. In addition, Rafe will make a final decision that will change Hope's life forever. What will happen in the next episodes of the soap?

Days of Our Lives: difficult decisions and conflicting loves

The latest spoilers for "Days of Our Lives" reveal that Claire will try not to make her real state of mind understood. In fact, it's destroyed by Haley and Tripp's marriage which is about to get closer inexorably. Despite this, she will make efforts to help Chen in her preparations. Claire will have to make a lot of effort to keep her real state of mind from leaking out, will she? Meanwhile, Claire will put in place a plan to prevent Tripp and Haley from getting married, plotting in the shadows.

In this regard, Claire will think about making another secret recording. Another wedding is not appreciated by a character of the soap: we are talking about Jennifer, upset by the wedding of Eve and Jack, now close by.

Rafe's choice comes in the next episodes of Days of Our Lives

In the next episodes of the soap opera "Days of Our Lives," we'll see Rafe struggling with a very difficult decision.

Lani has advised Rafe to keep Jordan's baby, although he is aware of the difficulties that this decision will entail in his life. Lani is confident that Rafe will be a caring and reliable dad. On the other hand, Hope is not having a happy time and the arrival of a child may not be a good idea. Also, his marriage is not going well.

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Rafe will make the final decision next week and communicate it to Lani. Jordan and Rafe could thus reconnect. We won't have much news about Hartley, who will be far away for several engagements. Justin and Adrienne won't give news either, but according to the soap news, we know that their love is strong and they live happily in Salem. It is not excluded that they will soon return to play an active role. How will things proceed between Hope and Rafe? We just have to wait for the next previews for "Days of Our Lives" that will surely bring sensational twists.