General Hospital spoilers reveal that Gina Tognoni could be the new Nina. In the soap "Young and the Restless," Gina played Phyllis, winning the affection of fans, despite her affection for Michelle Stafford. Gina, with patience and the ability to enter the part perfectly, has been able to grab the admiration of fans, becoming a real idol. Precisely for this reason, it is very likely that Gina Tognoni will enter the cast of General Hospital as Nina. However, her arrival at the moment is rather difficult, as she's involved in "The Young and the Restless." Also, the storyline concerning Mia is not over yet and so many secrets have yet to come to light.

These new twists and turns will get Nina to stay in town longer.

Gina Tognoni joins the cast of General Hospital? New indiscretions

As we saw in the last episodes of the soap opera, Valentin has helped to further complicate things by falsifying another DNA test. According to some rumors about General Hospital, it seems that Nina's real daughter is Willow. However, before the truth is discovered, it will still be a long time. The new spoilers also reveal that the soap writers would already have planned other scenes in which Nina appears, inevitably distancing her farewell to the city. It's also true that Michelle Stafford will have to be replaced, who will take her place temporarily? All the clues seem to lead once again to the name of Gina Tognoni who, moreover, is no stranger to ABC.

The most attentive viewers will remember that the actress worked in another successful ABC soap, "One Life to Live," where she gave the face to Kelly for about fifteen years, thrilling the audience. During her stay, Gina has made a strong connection with Frank Valentini, who happens to work for General Hospital.

New twists in the next episodes of General Hospital

"GH" spoilers leave no room for boredom, always creating twists and turns. The authors of the soap could surprise fans with some unexpected choices regarding Nina's storyline. In particular, we will focus on the complicated situation regarding Willow and the consequences that the changes in DNA tests will bring in the lives of the characters involved.

If the rumors were confirmed, the exchange of actresses will bring not indifferent inside both GH and "Young and Restless." The only certainty, at least at the moment, is that Michelle Stafford will join the cast of the soap opera aired on CBS, driving her fans crazy. The possible arrival of Gina Tognoni in General Hospital as Nina is still pending. To know what will happen, we have to wait for new revelations and spoilers that will certainly not take long to arrive.