"RHOBH" fans can recall that this week, Kyle Richards took to Instagram Stories with a long note about Lisa Vanderpump, the 'PuppyGate' confrontation, and Todd telling her to leave their home. Todd told her, "Goodbye Kyle." After the #GoodbyeKyle memes and backlash arose from her "joke" outside SUR, Kyle felt compelled to tell her fans that she still cares about Lisa and Ken. Nevertheless, LVP told Andy Cohen that the friendship's not salvaged after seven months.

Kyle Richards of 'RHOBH' 'cares' about LVP

TV Shows Ace reported on Kyle's Instagram Story where "she revisited her motivation for confronting Lisa in the first place." They cited her as saying that she went to Lisa's home to talk to Lisa, and not to Ken.

Somehow, she seemed surprised that Ken joined in a conversation that saw his wife yelling and upset. In fact, she noted that she "never expected to be having a conversation with both Lisa and Ken.”

Nevertheless, with fans split over Kyle and Lisa already, she then says that outside SUR, she only hyped up the #GoodbyeKyle hashtag as a "joke." Haha? Nope! Well, Lisa thinks that's not funny either, though it may have been vaguely okay if their friendship was reconciled. Finally, Kyle wrapped up her long explanation that seemed an indication that she took fans to heart over her wanting Lisa off the "RHOBH" show. Kyle denied that and then wrote, "regardless of what happened between Lisa, Ken, and me, I do care about them."

Lisa Vanderpump feels Kyle's not 'mourning'

While Kyle Richards may still genuinely care about Lisa and Ken, maybe she forgot to tell them.

Seven months on from the whole bust-up, Lisa spoke to Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen." According to her, the "joke" with the #GoodbyeKyle, was in poor taste. In fact, she feels it "would have been funny," though "maybe...not that smart, if the friendship had been salvaged." But then Lisa noted, "It hasn't, so it's been very sad." During her chat with Andy, she also said it seems Kyle's not "mourning the friendship."

Lisa's friendship with Kyle seems over and even Lisa's not sure it can be salvaged at this point.

The pain for Lisa seems to arise from the fact that Kyle accused her of leaking Dorit Kemsley's "PuppyGate" to the press. There was no proof and Lisa felt she would never have done that without it. It hurt her more when she swore on her children's life that she never did it, but Kyle still chose to disbelieve her.

Voters come out on Lisa Vanderpump's side in the 'RHOBH' bust-up

While the show went on, Andy Cohen told fans of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" to vote on which side they sided with. It turned out that 65 percent of votes went to LVP with only 35 percent headed the way of Kyle Richards. So, Team Lisa from "RHOBH" win out. Nevertheless, the loss of a friendship's nothing to take lightly and to use Lisa's words, it's all "very sad."

What do you think about it all? Would you have voted for LVP when she spoke to Andy Cohen, saying Kyle Richards' friendship's not "salvaged?"

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