Jenna Bush Hager took a break from the busy “Today” celebration, for Kathie Lee Gifford last week, and took a family vacation as a breather. The sendoff was a well-earned tribute to the TV veteran who has started mornings off with sips of wine, laughter, and tears over her 26 years on the show. Jenna Bush Hager has been in front of the camera for a few years on “Today.” She's taken cameras overseas, and to Africa, to showcase her educational commitment to children and literacy. She has interviewed the first lady of country music, Loretta Lynn, and frequently had her own first lady mom, Laura Bush, telling secrets about her from the set.

It was hardly a secret that Monday, April 8, marked Jenna Bush Hager's debut as co-host of the “Today” fourth-hour alongside Hoda Kotb. The daughter and mother from one of America's premier political families were officially welcomed near the end of February. Nonetheless, the experienced “Today” television journalist was overwhelmed with emotion on her first day, and even cheers from her dad could not stem the flow of tears.

This morning, April 10, however, there was a lovely and lighthearted reason for joy for Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb, all because of a gift from Kathie Lee Gifford.

A forgivable flub amidst the frenzy

It is no wonder why Kathie Lee Gifford hardly slept a wink last week, with all the swirl of events for her farewell soirée.

Every day, there were greetings, goodbyes, and salutes from Gifford’s longtime friends and favorite people to be around, and every day, there was a need for that famous descending tissue box.

Jenna Bush Hager was there for Kathie Lee's last moments as co-host on “Today.” She joined as many of the morning show family as was possible to squeeze onto the stage in the final 30 seconds, when Gifford offered a moving message, quoting Jeremiah 29:11.

She left faithful viewers with the assurance that God has a “good plan” and purpose for every life and complete gratitude to everyone who has become her family over the years on the job.

Jenna explained this morning that she had planned to share her gift from Kathie Lee Gifford on the air. “Today” had even asked her to post about it on Instagram, until she discovered one small issue.

Hagar was beyond touched to find a silver engraved bracelet in her dressing room. The words were familiar. “My joy is non-negotiable,” was the inscription on the piece. Jenna couldn't help but be moved by the present, along with the card with “the sweetest things” written across it, to accompany the box.

Putting the bracelet on, Jenna described the gift as another example of Gifford being “so gracious.” When she read the words underneath the familiar phrase from Kathie Lee, however, another feeling came over her.

Haley Joy 2017” was the added inscription, and only Hoda Kotb has the beautiful daughter with that name, as every “Today” fan knows.

Hoda read the full inscription with her own uproarious laughter before accepting the bracelet.

It is indeed the thought that counts.

The best encouragement

Never mind the mix-up, countless fans heard Kathie Lee Gifford tell Jenna Bush Hager “You’re a star,” before her departure, and wish the incoming co-host every good thing to come. Jenna revealed last week that she is mostly going to miss "her asking about my life and telling me about hers" from Gifford, and her example of faith as a lifestyle.

Kathie Lee Gifford often offered Jenna the same advice that she is given to countless others-- to be her authentic self. During the time that Hoda Kotb covered the 2018 Olympics, Gifford witnessed a spark in Hagar, and newfound confidence that carried her into her new role.

Along with that counsel, former President George W. Bush gave his own cheers for Jenna, as did her mother and maternal grandmother. The tears have been gone since Monday, and Jenna Bush Hager is back to her easy Texan drawl and definitely feeling more at ease.