"Counting On" fans were treated to a long blurb on Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar's "The Vuolo" blog. In it, they announced their exciting news that they will relocate to Los Angeles, California from Laredo, Texas in July. Now, Jinger took to her Instagram to share a long love letter to her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Maybe it's to placate them as she's progressively moving away from their sphere of influence.

'Counting On' couple's move to liberal Los Angeles explained by Jeremy Vuolo

In his blog post, March 25, Jeremy said the decision to move from Laredo to Los Angeles was terribly hard.

Additionally, he pointed out to fans of "Counting On" that they're moving to LA where they can go to the Grace Community Church. At the same time, this means that Jeremy can study "at The Master’s Seminary." Actually, Jinger relocating from Arkansas to Texas probably troubled Jinger a bit as well, as it's a long way from where she was born and raised.

For Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the news of another change with Jeremy may raise some troublesome issues. For a start, since Jinger married Jeremy, she's now within a slightly different denominational faith. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar follow Christian fundamentalism, but apparently, Jeremy's church is slightly different from the Bill Gothard-influenced principles.

Plus, "Counting On" fans know that Jeremy does not insist on the same strict code of dress as the Duggars do. Then, note that LA is generally more liberal than Jinger's used to. Perhaps they worry she'll move away from them in more than just a physical way.

Jinger Vuolo's love letter's hopefully not a sign she's on the Duggars' bad side

In her Instagram post, Jinger shared a photo of her in her wedding dress flanked by her parents. of all the photos she could have chosen, why that one? Does she subtly indicate there may be problems with the decision she and Jeremy make now? "Counting On" fans can only guess at that.

Jinger basically made the following points:

  • Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar really made a huge impact on her life.
  • Their example taught her how to be a good Christian herself.
  • Their love extended beyond just physical needs, but to their spiritual needs as well.
  • Jinger's "so grateful to God for the gift of such godly parents and role models as [Jim and Michelle]."

Finally, Jinger talks about Jeremy and in her last sentence, she notes, that she hopes Jeremy and her can do the same for their baby Felicity.

That's a lovely note. What do you think about the love letter to her parents? Do you think Jinger Duggar Vuolo just woke up one day and suddenly decided to send that message out of love? Or do you think perhaps Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have issues as she's moving further away from their sphere of influence? Sound off your thoughts in the comments.

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