Before SUR server and reality show star Scheana Shay started not-dating fellow SUR worker Adam Spott, she briefly dated Rob Valletta. Rob is the younger brother of 1990s supermodel Amber Valletta. He’s also a television producer and sometimes actor who appeared on the daytime soap "Young & the Restless." However, to "Vanderpump Rules" fans, he’s the boyfriend Scheana could not stop talking about for the entirety of Season 6. Do you know how fast he can put up a television?

Rob and Scheana's relationship

Many viewers felt that Rob was only dating Scheana for fame.

According to Reality Blurb, It’s pretty obvious her current hook-up, Adam, is doing the same thing, so she must have a type. According to Scheana, she was friends with Rob for 12 years but nothing ever happened between them until after her divorce from Mike Shay. Honestly, a lot of fans thought Shay and Scheana would work, but they just couldn't get through their issues.

Scheana and Rob dated for six months before finally ending things in August of 2017. Scheana said that the two tried to be “friends with benefits” for a while but it didn’t work out. She briefly moved to Las Vegas for her role in "Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man." Apparently, he moved onto model Heather Love Whiting.

Scheana was ready for love and marriage with this man, but he didn't seem quite as in love with her as she was with him. He certainly didn't say her name every five seconds like she did his.

Scheana has said that Rob broke up with her because he didn’t like her "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars or being featured on the show. However, in a recent interview, Rob said he liked all of the cast, but ”when you get them together, like, it’s a lot.

It’s a lot. It’s just a lot and I have to run a company, you know? And, like I said, life’s hard enough as it is and as much as I like them as individuals, being around them is just exhausting.”

So how is Rob doing now?

Well, that’s interesting because guess who currently hosts a reality show called "This is L.A." Rob. Rob hosts it.

He’s also working on a new “lifestyle” show with his model-girlfriend. According to Rob, the new show would be based on building a home. No word on if he’s going to attempt to beat his world record of hanging a flat screen TV in seven seconds.

It looks like things are looking up for Rob. He is doing well, but it is without Scheana in his life. She has moved on but doesn't seem to have found true love just yet. Regardless, she got a show in Las Vegas and still has her reality show "Vanderpump Rules."

Get your Robsession fix by watching "This is L.A." on KCBS on Sundays. Or on Youtube, if you don’t live in the L.A. area. Scheana can be seen on "Vanderpump Rules" Mondays on Bravo. This season is almost over, but you do not want to miss the big reunion show.