"Counting On" fans know that Tyler, Michelle’s great-nephew lives with the family who has custody of the kid. The good-looking boy has a stable home where he is now after his mum and other relatives faced some difficulty. Over on Instagram, the Duggarfam account shared a picture of Tyler with a fish he caught. However, celeb-police, critical of the fundamentalist family slammed them for letting Jackson and Tyler go fishing.

The Duggar family from 'Counting On' love the outdoors and go fishing

The Duggar boys and girls certainly don't spend their life playing video games, texting, and watching television.

Instead, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar encourage them to play outdoors. They enjoy camping and wilderness activities, and in fact, Joy-Anna loved it so much as a child, fans of "Counting On" know she became a bit of a 'tomboy.' Now, Tyler lives with the family and he got a chance to go fishing with Jackson. The Duggar Family shared a picture of the boy holding up his catch and smiling into the camera.

They captioned the picture of Tyler with his fish by writing, "There is no better way to spend an afternoon than by going fishing! At least according to Jackson and Tyler!" Many fans agreed with them and here's what some of them said about it:

  • @mrs**: "So nice kids are outside enjoying nature instead of being stuck behind a screen."
  • @the**: "So good for boys!!"
  • @Kt**: "They look so proud of themselves! So good for boys to have activities like that!"
  • @Lis**: "I love outdoor activities with my kids. It really is the best kind of fun!!"
  • @Bre**: "Looks like ya'll had a good time. I miss going fishing, my grandfather used to take me all the time before he passed away when I was little. So many good memories!"

Celeb-police slam the 'Counting On' family for letting the boys fish

Not everyone's happy that Tyler and Jackson went fishing.

In fact, some people got quite hot under the collar about it. Many fans of celebrities examine every square inch of Instagram photos to find something to slam them for. Jill Dillard, Jinger Vuolo, and people like Tori and Zach Roloff from "Little People, Big World," are not exempt. Actually, they all get their share of criticism over seeming innocent Instagram posts.

Several people felt it terribly wrong to allow boys to kill or catch fish. Although it's not easy to establish from the picture whether the fish was caught and released, people assumed they killed it. The Duggar family came under fire as people reminded them that God would be angry as they kill his creatures. Others noted that it's wrong to teach children how to kill animals.

Another one said that it's wrong to "call killing a sport" and that they "kill in a very cruel way."

Fans of 'Counting On' call out critics of fishing

As you can imagine, being a Duggar family post, some argument arose over the laws of the bible and eating fish. Obviously, the fact that Jesus fished and ate fish, arose. However, most people just felt it ridiculous to even criticize it. Others pointed out that catch and release is fine, and even if they did eat a fish it's not a crime. One user, @bethe** put it in a nutshell but posting, "Omg there nothing wrong with fishing!! I can’t believe this is even an issue!!!."

What do you think about Jackson and Tyler fishing? Do you think the Duggar family's wrong to let the boys fish? Or do you agree with the celeb-police, who slam them for hurting God's creatures?

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