"Little people, Big World" matriarch, Amy Roloff's in São Paulo, Brazil. Wow, she seems super-excited to be there judging by a video she posted on Instagram. It looks like she's busy assisting with a promo of some kind for TLC in the South American country. Actually, she not only posted it on her Instagram account but also on her IG Stories and on Facebook. Amy used her #amyroloffssecondact hashtag, which she adopted after her divorce from Matt.

Amy Roloff's in Brazil maybe for a 'Little People, Big World' shoot

While Amy confirmed for sure that she actually went to Brazil, she never said it's specifically for a "Little people, Big World" shoot.

However, it just might be, it could be - fans can hope. First, she introduced the cameraman, sound guy, and producer, before turning the camera on herself. Behind her, on the left, there's a big picture of most of the Roloff's in the TLC "LPBW" show. it shows Amy, Zach, Tori, Jeremy, Matt, and Audrey. On her right was a giant picture of Amy by herself.

Amy said they are in Brazil doing a TLC shoot. Her Facebook post, the same as the Instagram account post, added more info. Amy said that she's in Brazil to do a "big TLC marketing promo shoot." She said they're at a really "neat place" where they do "a lot of weddings." Obviously, she mentioned the place is in São Paulo. In particular, this brings a lot of interest.

The next season of "Little people, Big World" starts on April 2. Shooting for that ended already, one can assume, so is this a new direction for the show?

Amy doing a promo shoot for TLC means travel

Amy really seems lit to be traveling with TLC to a foreign country. On her video caption, she wrote, "Brazil! What! They said there’d be travel and off I went." You can see from her huge smile as she talks about being in the country, that she's totally happy.

She says that she "cannot believe it" that she's actually there "doing a big TLC marketing promo shoot." The obvious question is, does this mean the upcoming season won't end the series?

Apart from that question, many fans commented on her Facebook and Instagram about her "Little people, Big World" travels. Actually, this might be a good time for Amy to brush up on her Brazilian Portuguese skills as loads of Brazilians commented on her Instagram with lots of heart emojis.

Fans of 'Little People, Big World' are thrilled for Amy Roloff

Fans from Brazil, in particular, were thrilled for Amy and that she's visiting their country. Here's what some of them had to say about it:

  • "Hello, Amy!! You are here in Brasil?? I love this Roloff family!! do not miss any episode every week!! I would love to meet you there but i live more distant from São Paulo! Chris come back with you?? You welcome in your Brasil!!"
  • "Love you! Family Roloff!! São Paulo!"
  • "Seja bem vinda Amy! Welcome to Brasil!"
  • "Heyyyy welcome to Brazil, so nice having you here. Hope you have the best time❤️"

There were so many more comments, that it's obvious Brazilians are major fans of the TLC show. What do you think of Amy Roloff going to Brazil?

Do you hope we get to see some of her travels in a TLC special or something? Sound off your thoughts in the comments.

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