"Little People, Big World" patriarch, Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler headed off to Arizona recently. They have a home in Surprise, Arizona and Matt's parents joined them for his mum's 77th birthday. Now, it seems they explore around a bit, as they headed over to Scottsdale. Caryn posted up a photo of them visiting Old Town and then shared one of her favorite drinks with fans of the TLC show. However, all good times come to an end and they will soon return to Oregon.

Oregon, the home of 'Little People, Big World

Oregon is the home of the show that returns to TLC again this year.

However, an exact release date has not yet been made official. While Jeremy and Audrey won't feature regularly in the new episodes, they may appear at family gatherings. Moreover, it's likely we may see more of Caryn Chandler. At least, fans hope so. Caryn drew a lot of support and love from "LPBW" fans as she seems to make Matt happy. While things may always be a bit difficult, at least Any seems in love with Chris Marek. In fact, Caryn is now part of the lives of the children and grandchildren, so maybe we will see more of her on the screen.

Radar Online speculated yet again that Matt might leave the farm in Oregon. It arises from the fact that he purchased some land near the farm and when he can, works to get it cleared and cleaned up.

Additionally, as he spends time in Arizona, there are rumors he may go and live there instead. However, while he may develop his new property into a home for him and Caryn one day, fans of "Little People, Big World" think it's unlikely he will leave the farm completely. In the meantime, the rest of the family at the farm can expect to see Matt back there this weekend.

Old Town Scottsdale: Caryn Chandler reveals a favorite drink

Currently, in Scottsdale, which is not that far from Surprise, the "Little People, Big World" couple visited Old Town and stopped off for some refreshments. Caryn shared a photo of Matt looking at the menu, with a really nice looking drink on the table. Fans immediately wanted to know what it was.

Apparently, it's a Michelada. For those who don't know, Caryn explained that it's a light beer with some added bloody Mary, served with a lime and some salt around the edge of the glass.

According to Caryn, she orders "a light beer with a lime and a side of bloody mary mix ... Add a splash of that into the beer." She adds that it's her favorite. Some fans of the couple had heard of it before. One fan got excited to see it being drunk outside of Texas. Apparently, her Canadian followers also enjoy a similar version of the drink.

Time to head back to Oregon with Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff and Caryn have been in Arizona coming up two weeks now, but soon they return to Oregon. In her post, Caryn mentioned that they go back on Saturday this weekend.

No doubt, grandchildren Ember and Jackson will be thrilled to see their grandpa.

What do you think of Caryn Chandler's favorite drink? Will you try it? Have you visited Old Town in Scottsdale? Are you waiting for the new season of Matt Roloff's show?

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