Over the past few days, the Chinese fan community has been "dizzy" by a series of rumors that South Korean stars Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have a marriage problem. The divorce rumors of the couple have been wild on newspapers and social networks.

According to EconoTimes, rumors came from the Chinese media, after Kyo deleted some of her photos and her husband on her Instagram account. In addition, she did not wear wedding rings many times when she appeared publicly. Most recently, when she left for Singapore to attend the event, she did not wear rings.

However, on February 22, their management company UAA Entertainment and Blossom Entertainment simultaneously voiced their rumors. Their sides confirmed that rumors coming from Chinese media are unfounded, and from now on, they will not respond to such information again. However, fans are still uneasy because Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have not officially spoken yet.

Song's activity

In the midst of this "dangerous level" storm, Kyo recently returned to the social network with her Instagram post. It is worth mentioning that instead of photos of beautiful people, she shared a beautiful moment on a moon-day reward. Although it is just a simple photo, netizens cannot question whether this is the "signal" of Song Hye Kyo's loneliness after the separation.

According to some fans on social media, it seems that this picture was taken Kyo's balcony, the house in Itaewon area. Both the stars settled here after the wedding in 2017. Around this time, Song Joong Ki was still busy at the set to complete the shooting of the blockbuster "Asadal Chronicles." On March 16, the image of Song Joong Ki at the wedding of a friend in Daejeon was shared massively on social networks.

No wedding ring

In this picture, the male actor was very happy, laughing with friends. He even took on the role of a kisser for his best friend. Nevertheless, some observant netizens discovered Song Joong Ki did not wear wedding rings. At the same time, this question will be a good opportunity for both of them to break the divorce rumors that have been rising for many months.

In the pictures below, one can see Ki without the wedding ring.

The couple met each other after filming the movie "Descendants of the Sun" in 2015 and married in October 2017. Most recently, the couple appeared together when they returned to Daejeon (the home of the actor) to have dinner with his parents, celebrating the 1-year wedding anniversary. Fans are still waiting for the couple to come out in media and put out the divorce rumors to rest.