"LPBW" fans don't get to see much of Jacob, the youngest Roloff child of Amy and Matt. However, fans do catch sight of him and his special girl Isabel Rock now and then. Amy Roloff posted up on Instagram that she and her future daughter-in-law were headed to a Fleetwood Mac concert. Fans noted that was a nice way for Amy and Isabel to bond.

'LPBW' star Amy's surely looking forward to the wedding

Amy Roloff's family is growing and she dotes on her grandchildren Ember and Jackson. For any mom seeing your kids happy and in love and raising their own children brings gratification.

Amy must surely be looking forward to Jacob and Isabel's wedding in September next year. People noted that Isabel posted up about her wedding on Instagram and said the date was set for September 2019.

Amy looked totally stunning all dressed up for her night out. She said in her caption that she posted about the Fleetwood Mac concert, that her "future daughter-in-law asked" her to go along with her to the event. Like that was a no-brainer as Amy was totally keen to go and have some fun. Not only did she look forward to the concert but to a meal together with some friends.

'Little People, Big World's' Amy Roloff was delighted

Amy sounded delighted and in the photo she shared showing Isabel and her together, her radiant smile tells a giant story of happiness.

Her "Little People, Big World" fans, quick to share in her happiness posted up their thoughts. Here's what some of them said to Amy and Isabel.

  • @kriscath1985: "Your daughter in law is so cute! How awesome for you to have her and she to have you! ❤️"
  • @i_am_irma_s: "❤️ how well you get along with your daughters-in-law. That’s awesome @amyjroloff"
  • @martilm11: "Wow, that's the kind of daughter in law from dreams, eh?"

Of course, there were many comments of a similar nature as Amy has a strong fan following.

Jacob too was much loved when he was on the show and fans saw him as a little boy. He's all grown up now and soon to be married. But that does not mean fans of "LPBW" ever forgot him.

Jacob Roloff made his own life outside of LPBW

Jacob's an adult now and while he may not feature in the TLC filming schedule, he shows up now and then at family events and functions.

He and his family get on well, despite him being termed a bit of a "rebel" through the years. He and Isabel have a YouTube channel and he wrote two books already.

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