"Vanderpump Rules" star Jax Taylor took to his Instagram and shared a photo of him in his US Navy uniform. He's simply spewing angry over allegations he never served. Jax really won't take this trolling lightly and explains that tarnishing his honor really won't be forgiven. Perhaps Jax intends to take it up legally as he says, "I have not taken this lightly and consequences will be dealt with."

Jax Taylor elaborates to 'Vanderpump Rules' fans on Navy service

Jax Taylor once served in the United States Navy, and with obvious pride. On his Instagram, he shared a photo of him looking all proud, honorable, young and earnest.

He wrote, " I served in the United States Navy in 1999 USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71stationed in Norfolk, VA. I attended school at Lackland Air Force in San Antonio, TX and Boot Camp in Great Lakes, Chicago IL. One tour: Kosovo."

OK, that seems fairly definite, so fans wonder why someone is slandering him, saying he never served at all? The back story is also explained by Jax, who wrote, "In the past 24 hours a certain individual who claims to have a team behind them has tried very hard to slander my name and reputation. They have gone out of their way to reach out to every company I’ve ever partnered with, my network, my management team, and my family, claiming that I never served in the navy and I would be facing immeasurable repercussions for stolen valor."

Troll tries to tarnish Jax' honor

"Vanderpum Rules" fans know that Jax is a proud man, and particularly holds his late father very dear.

The slur on his family seems to anger Jax as much as the lie does. In fact, he elaborates about how his dad watched him graduate with "tears in his eyes." Jax says it was such a proud moment for him, his family, and his dad. he treasures that deeply, which is why he's so angry now.

It looks like there won't be any forgiveness and this troll could land in deep hot water.

"How dare someone try to tarnish such an integral part of my life and spew such wrongful lies and accusations," Jax wrote, adding that there will be "consequences." Hopefully, for Jax, he does follow it up legally. Mostly, because the troll saying, "immeasurable repercussions for stolen valor," sounds really scary.

Fans of 'Vanderpump Rules' stand by Jax Taylor

Concerned "Vanderpump Rules" fans sent their support messages to Jax. Here's what some of them had to say:

  • I agree this is a very huge insult to you and I’m glad you responded with such grace. Thank you for your service sir! My wife and I love you and Brittany! ❤️
  • Sometimes, just sometimes you have to just fight back!!!
  • Wow awesome I never knew!!! I’m a US Navy vet too!!! Thanks for ur service!!!
  • My husband was on that same ship. Thank you for your service!

What do you think of Jax Taylor being slandered and questioned over his naval service? Do you think he's right to feel so offended? What would you do if this happened to you? Sound off your thoughts in the comments.

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