Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" reveal that things in Port Charles are about to become pretty dramatic and Willow is about to take a walk on the wild side. Her connection to Dawn of Day has come to light and now it's possible that Shiloh is her baby daddy. The school teacher is going to panic and kidnap the little boy that Brad and Lucas are raising because she does not want the evil cult leader anywhere near this child. Ms. Tate has no idea of the heartbreak she is about to endure because Wiley is really Michael's son Noah and her baby died shortly after the adoption.

Willow was a part of Dawn of Day

On Thursday, Willow was changing clothing because she and detective Chase got caught in the rain. A Dawn of Day tattoo was revealed on her lower backside. This indicates a connection to Shiloh and Soap Dirt teases that he most likely is her baby daddy. Ms. Tate may have come to Port Charles to flee the cult leader and now she is right in his path. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that the school teacher will panic and the little boy she believes she gave birth to.

Spoilers suggest that because she believes Wiley is the child she gave birth to, Ms. Tate will panic and decide he needs protection from Shiloh. It's obvious the cult leader instills fear in those who dare to leave DoD based on the reactions of all the women who are in his orbit.

If he crossed the line in his relationship with Willow, it's not a stretch to consider he did the same with Daisy and may now have his sight on Sam and or Kristina.

The truth of Wiley's birth will be revealed

Should Willow kidnap Wiley she could open a Pandora's box in Port Charles that will shatter many lives. The truth will come out that her baby died and she will have to grieve all over again.

Nelle and Brad's scheme will come to light which will destroy Lucas. Julian's part in the coverup will cause him to become more estranged from Alexis and his children. The bright side is that Michael will be reunited with his son whom he named Jonah.

There have been a few sparks between Michael and Ms. Tate whose relationship with Chase does not seem to be going anywhere.

Perhaps when all the wrongs have been set right and the DoD issues are resolved, Willow and Michael may get together and she can be a mother to the little boy she has come to love. Until then the situation can only get a lot worse for all involved. Be on the lookout for updated "General Hospital" spoiler alerts and continue to watch each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.