"The Young and the Restless" is about to change history and drop several bombshells on the good people of Genoa City. Spoiler alerts indicate that big-time drama is coming to the Rosales family and it will affect everyone they care about. It seems that on the night when Arturo came to fix his sister-in-law's furnace, he and Mia slept together. Nothing was shown on screen and until now there was no reason to suspect that anything happened between them. Rey is going to turn rogue and risk his job in order to help Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria. As they are being transported in the prison van, he will help the cover-up crew to escape.

Arturo and Mia will break Abby's heart

Mia has been acting like a jealous wife regarding her brother-in-law and his fiance. Her animosity towards Abby is why she went to the Abbot mansion and attacked Lola who was wearing Abby's coat. It looks like there was a more intimate reason why Mrs. Rosales has been acting territorial with Arturo. Celeb Dirty Laundry just announced that new "Y&R" head writer Josh Griffith is taking a page out of his predecessor's playbook. Like Mal Young before him, Griffith is flipping the script and rewriting Genoa City history.

It turns out that the night Arturo went to his brother's apartment to fix the broken furnace, he slept with his sibling's wife. Abby and Rey will both be devastated and once again Ms.

Newman will end up with a broken heart. The bigger bombshell, however, may be yet to come. With Mia pretending to be pregnant, it's probable that she may find out she is, only it's not her spouse who is the baby daddy. Meanwhile, her husband will be busy helping Sharon, the woman he truly loves.

Rey helps the cover-up crew escape

CDL, as well as Soap Dirt, are both reporting that a prison break is on the way for the cover-up crew. Nick and Billy will take their theory about JT being alive to detective Rosales. They will tell him about the surveillance at the Newman ranch and how Katie said her "friend" sang a song that JT used to sing to her.

Rey will decide to help Billy and Nic find out the truth because of how much he cares for Sharon.

Spoilers say that while the cover-up crew is being transported in a prison van, Billy, Rey, and Nick will help them escape and hide until JT can be brought to justice. Lola is fighting for her life in the hospital and soon her brothers will be at odds. All this excitement along with Paul Williams returning in one week, indicate a lot of must-see TV is on the way. Be on the look for updated spoilers and keep watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM.