"General Hospital" spoiler alerts were spot on regarding Friday's final showdown with Ryan and Jason. Now the two big questions are whether or not the serial killer will die and if Ava will live. Viewers have been waiting for months for this storyline to come to an end and it looks as though that time is near. There were also several cliffhangers related to Port Charles for fans to ponder over the weekend. The demented Dr. Chamberlain left a pregnant Carly out in the freezing cold, Alexis was on the verge of drinking because of a steamy dream about Julian and Maxie snipped a strand of Sasha's hair for a DNA test.

Jason's move may lead to Ava's demise

On Friday Laura and Jason arrived at Ryan's motel room only to find that he and his fiancee were gone. Stone Cold revealed that there was a footbridge near and the couple is probably walking across to Canada. Ava was trying to convince the man she believes is Kevin to allow her to call 911 to get help for Carly. Eventually, the two agreed to move forward with their lives and at that moment Jason appeared and shot Ryan in the arm. When Ava began screaming Laura announced that the man by her side was not Dr. Collins.

At that moment police lights were shown flashing and Ryan realized there was no way out. He tells his lady love that they will not get their happily ever after but they will have a great ending.

He grabs Ava and they both go over the footbridge into the icy water. Jason reaches down in an attempt to pull Ava out but the scene ends. Viewers must tune in Monday to find out which one survives or if they both perish.

More drama awaits Jason and Ava

Jason will have to rush against time trying to save Ava and also getting to Carly in time.

With Laura's assistance, he will more than likely pull off both successfully. Ms.Jerome will no doubt be in shock from the cold water as well as the revelation that she was going to marry the man who murdered her daughter. Back in Port Charles Julian showed up at the front door of his ex-wife and convinced her they were each other's destiny.

Julexis fans were no doubt overjoyed to see this couple heat up the screen in a steamy love scene but alas it was all a dream. Alexis was so distraught that she went out and bought a bottle of Vodka and was contemplating whether or not to drink it.

Sasha was dining with Michael when Maxie walked past her pretending she saw a gray hair and yanking a strand out. Ms. Jones went back to her table with Peter and said she was going to have a new DNA test done. Valentin and Sasha were watching and then gave each other knowing glances. Be sure not to miss Monday's episode of "General Hospital" because a lot will be going on. Alexis must confront her urge to drink and eventually admit her feelings for her former husband.

Julian, however, might be too busy consoling Ava over the Ryan reveal or possibly mourning her death. Valentin could ask Peter to put a stop to Maxie's snooping and of course the fate of the serial killer will be made known.