Countless fans have come to love the Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated and most beloved drama, “When Calls the Heart,” from its debut in 2014. Many viewers were swept away by the deep and traditional-style love story between the new teacher, Elizabeth, portrayed exquisitely by Erin Krakow and the noble Mountie Jack and brought to life through five seasons by Daniel Lissing. Far beyond the love story, however, “When Calls the Heart” manifests the strength of community, from home to school, to friends, neighbors, and newcomers.

Lori Loughlin has been a known and loved presence in television for more than three decades and, for 10 of those years, has starred in numerous Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, Garage Sale Mysteries, and involvement in “When Calls the Heart” as both star and executive producer.

The actress was in Vancouver filming another Hallmark production when the revelations emerged this week regarding the college admissions scandal, which deeply implicated Lori Loughlin and her husband, Massimo Giannuli. The couple has been indicted on federal charges of mail fraud through paying $500,000 to the “for profit” admissions coach, William “Rick” Singer, to assure entrance into USC for their daughters, Bella, 20, and Olivia Jade, 19. Loughlin was arrested Wednesday by federal authorities and posted $1 million bonds. Sadly and ironically, her daughter was reportedly on the yacht of the USC board chairman when the news broke.

Lori Loughlin displayed quite a different demeanor from her character as she faced cameras and consequences on Wednesday, and reports from Yahoo and other sources, hours ago, Thursday, March 14, confirm that among those consequences will be the loss of all ties to the Hallmark Channel and Crown Media Family.

The actress has also lost connection with “Full House” and “Fuller House.”

As “When Calls the Heart” fans, cast, and production staff ponders the future in light of a situation no one could ever foresee, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel for the family-friendly drama and the millions who love it.

Sorrow and starting anew

Crown Media was concise and pointed in its statement, noting how “saddened” the entire production conglomerate was in light of the allegations. “We are no longer working with Lori Loughlin,” the statement bluntly continued, adding that all development of productions involving the star and Crown Media Family Network has stopped.

The Hallmark Channel has made the decision not to air the episode scheduled for March 17, which was to be “Heart of a Mountie,” marking the debut of “When Calls the Heart” newcomer, Kevin McGarry, as the new Mountie of Hope Valley, Nathan Grant. Fans have already been excited about the welcome of the already-established star in Hallmark Channel circles. Erin Krakow seemed equally excited to officially welcome her new castmate, posting a preview on social media on Monday this week, dubbing it “Mountie Monday.”

The network would only express that it is evaluating “all creative options” as to the best path forward in coping with the situation. No scenario involves canceling the best-loved show in Hallmark Channel history.

The series is considering editing out Loughlin’s screen time and already has removed her imagery from the drama’s marketing.

The premiere of Season 6 broke all rating records, and with the arrival of Kevin McGarry to join his fellow new arrival in town, Chris McNally, who portrays saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, “When Calls the Heart” was bound for its most “tender” and “romantic” season ever, in the words of Erin Krakow in a pre-season interview. Her character’s baby son, Jack, portrayed by twins, Lincoln, and Gunnar Taylor, has stolen every heart in Hope Valley since his arrival and can give either of the dashing gentlemen a run for their money.

Never losing hope or heart

As disheartening as the current ordeal is, it conveys a very important message about consequences of bad decisions and true values in life that Christian author, Janette Oke, exemplifies in her “When Calls the Heart” and “Love Comes Softlybooks.

The 84-year-old writer’s timeless themes embrace the fortitude of strong women coming through tragedy, often in very surprising ways, and coming to understand the blessings taught from very tragic circumstances. Her storylines frequently center on how families can be forged in many ways, apart from biology, by bonds of the heart.

“When Calls the Heart” has become a TV family, both as a production and for its loyal fans. Now is the time for Lori Loughlin and her family to accept some difficult consequences, and hopefully, emerge as better and different parents, people, and professionals. The rest of the dedicated and hard-working team who create the drama deserves a future, and there can be many brighter horizons ahead.

Kavan Smith, who portrays the encouraging lumber mill owner, Leland Coulter, relates that Hope Valley is the kind of place where everyone would want to raise kids. It is still that kind of community on the television landscape, and can still portray how unity, hard work, faith, and love can accomplish anything.