"General Hospital" spoiler alerts indicate that the fallout from Ryan Chamberlain's actions will take the biggest toll on his twin. Kevin is about to find out that the compassion he has been shown is going to turn into utter disgust and outrage for many Port Charles residents. Once Dr. Collins reveals that he was keeping his brother in Ferncliff, under the name of Todd Wilson, he will be at the mercy of Laura, Lulu, Carly, and Ava. In addition, he will be in the dog house with everyone in town whose lives have been turned upside down because of his deception.

Felica and Mac will also be quite angry that their good friend put their lives in danger by exposing them to his psycho sibling, 25 years later.

Laura may remain divorced from Kevin

Soap Dirt teases that after the dust has settled, that Laura might choose to remain divorced from Kevin because he lied about Ryan being alive. As mayor, Mrs. Collins is responsible for the well being of all Port Charles citizens and a number have been adversely affected because of his spouse. A pregnant Carly was left for dead and now her unborn child could be in jeopardy. Kiki and the other two recent victims lost their lives and Lulu and Franco were stabbed.

Laura will realize her marriage was based on lies and decide to remain divorced to teach Kevin a lesson.

Lulu will be livid that her stepdad put them all in danger and want to deal with him herself. Mac and Felicia will also be very disappointed.

Ava wants Kevin to pay for Kiki's death

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Ava will be on the warpath after the truth of her situation sinks in. She will be repulsed that she was sleeping with the enemy.

Not only was she in bed with a man who murdered a total of 12 people, but one of them was her own daughter. It's not clear whether Ryan will survive his dunk in the water, but Ms. Jerome will be out for blood. If the killer has met his maker, then Kiki's mom will take all her fury out on Kevin.

Ava may also have conflicted feelings when she looks in the face of the man who is identical to the one she was going to marry.

Spoilers say it's possible she may even transfer her emotions to Kevin and perhaps even have a little sympathy after her anger subsides. Dr. Collins is going to need someone in his corner, especially if Carly loses her baby. That would mean that four people died and three were injured because he lied about Ryan. Stay tuned to "General Hospital," weekday afternoons on ABC, at 2:00 PM ET.