"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson broke it off, with both of them celebrating their divorce. Even before the divorce parties, Larissa hooked up with a new mystery man. However, he remained a mystery very briefly, and promptly ended up being interviewed by E!News. Now, Eric Foster opened an Instagram account a couple of days back which Larissa tagged during their music video shoot for her friend Brian Harvey.

Larissa and Eric Foster shot a music video in the wake of '90 Day Fiance'

Putting Colt behind her as quickly as she could, Larissa moved on with Eric and on her Instagram posts, she posts about how it's all true love.

Actually, he smiles a lot, and comes over as perhaps a bit too soft and gentle for the fiery personality that Colt Johnson struggled with. One of his photos on his two-day-old Instagram shows him in the video shoot standing by a pool in his denim shorts, holding an old-fashioned flip phone.

Over on the IG account of 187anonymousgossip187, people assumed the pool was at a nice house Larissa may have landed. However, not so, someone presumably in the know said. Actually, it was part of the video music shoot they just did for the past three days. His first post showed him out boating and yeah it's really nice out there. Of course, we don't know if it's his boat or not. However, "90 Day Fiance's" Larissa seems to have landed a reasonably nice looking guy who looks to live a nice lifestyle.

Boyfriend Eric Foster's IG account garnered '90 Day Fiance' followers in a few days

Only two days old, boyfriend Eric's IG already garnered 2188 followers. One of his posts explained why people on the 187anonymousgossip187 account noticed some blotchy looking welts on him. Of course, during the course of "90 Day Fiance," fans heard that Larissa and Colt ended up with welts, which the police alleged she self-inflicted.

With allegations of assault from both parties, fans were divided over who assaulted who. Obviously, thinking maybe Larissa scratched Eric, some people asked what on earth they were.

On a post dated March 25, Eric showed off his blotchy appearance in a photo. Actually, it clearly showed the marks on his abs, but it was not a sign of physical abuse as such.

In his caption, he said, "Don't use spray-on sunscreen unless you know how to apply it." Eric's new-found fans explained that he should use his hands to rub it in after applying the spray. In the comments, it looks like many of the "90 Day Fiance" fans love it that Larissa looks relaxed and happy with her new boyfriend.

Will things work out for our '90 Day' alum?

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" really can't know what the longterm future holds for these love-birds. Larissa Lima faces the possibility of losing her Green Card as Colt swore he'd make that happen. Plus, she faces charges from the police for assault. Mind you, that could be a problem long into the future as legal matters take time. In the meantime, they look happy together.

What are your thoughts on this new relationship and the fact that Eric Foster opened a new Instagram account? Do you think they can stick it out and make a success of their union?

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