"90 Day Fiance: Happy Ever After" got a teaser from TLC and they said it will arrive in spring. Since then John Yates, a social media influencer and commentator said it's coming in April. Other Reality TV channels also noted the teased date of April 28. However, at this time, we cannot be certain as TLC did not yet specify an exact date. For fans, this is great news, as it usually comes later in the year than April. Please note this article does contain some spoilers on the cast.

Fans react to '90 Day Fiance: Happy Ever After' teaser premiere date

Fans on Instagram reacted to the teased premiere date and to the short preview clips of the upcoming show. John captioned his announcement with, "I’ve just been informed that #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter’s new season will premiere Sunday, April 28th! If that’s true we only have about 7 weeks left of waiting." Fans were thrilled to hear it, commenting that they can't wait to see more of Pedro and Chantel.

When questioned about the date, John Yates said that he has "a good feeling" that the date is accurate. Asking about clarity on the cast, which was not yet fully announced, John said that so far we "know it’s Chantel and Pedro, Ashley and Jay, Larissa and Colt and I think Russ and Pao." Mind you, some fans really don't want another season of anything with Colt and Larissa in it.

Not all fans were keen on more Ashley Martson and Jay Smith either.

Over on Reality Diggers account, they did mention that "David & Annie just announced they were done."

The TLC teasers for the show

A couple of teasers from TLC show a bit more about "90 Day Fiance: Happy Ever After." The one teaser showed Pedro and Chantel, and they captioned it as the "most uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner ever." One fan, @marhan55 told the others that "rumor is that The Family Chantel serve Pedro turkey feet at that Thanksgiving dinner, Pedro no like."

This scenario seems backed up by TV Season Spoilers, who saw a longer extended version of the teaser clip.

They agreed that apart from the "uncomfortable" part, Chantel "is trying her best to prevent any dinner table fracas that can attract headlines. When Pedro opted out of the long-awaited Thanksgiving dinner, it took the family as well as the viewers by surprise."

Are the cast spoilers correct?

While John Yates and those on the Reality Diggers accounts seem reasonably confident about an Ashley and Jay return, others seem unconvinced.

In fact, it was not that long ago that Ashley Marston said she was so done with TLC and had quit. As TV Season Spoilers noted, "Ashley and Jay, Colt and Larissa, and Jonathan and Fernanda were about to appear on the new season. Of course, as we all know, due to obvious reasons, Jay and Ashley are out."

What do you think about an April date being teased as the premiere for the show? Do you think the cast predictions are correct? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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