Chris Mann is a singer who made his public debut via the popular NBC television series known as “The Voice.” Chris also starred as The Phantom in the classic play “Phantom of the Opera.”

Chris’ latest project is his new album titled “Noise” which mixes pop and soul in a way that is elegant yet catchy. The songs on the album—one of which features Grammy-winning artist India Arie—will be released monthly courtesy of Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. The first single “Gentleman” has received favorable responses from fans, and Chris is excited to see what the future holds.

Chris recently granted an exclusive interview where he discussed his career, inspirations, “Noise,” and more.

Singing, TV shows, and The Phantom

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially discover your talent for singing and how did you find your way onto “The Voice”?

Chris Mann (CM): I started singing in middle school when all my friends were in the choir, and I wasn't. I felt like I was missing out, so I joined. I flew under the radar until my freshman year in high school when my choir teacher called my parents and told them I really could sing and should take it seriously. At that point, I auditioned and was accepted to take voice lessons at our local college, Wichita State University. I've been singing ever since.

MM: What were your experiences on “The Voice” like and how much do you credit the TV show with launching your career?

CM: I had an amazing experience on The Voice. It was like being on The Grammys every week--the productions were so big! I auditioned for the show with Christina Aguilera in mind. I wanted to sing The Prayer with her and imagined how amazing that could be.

I don't think the producers thought I would go far but would add some good variety--then I basically won the show. It was surreal. I was signed to Universal records and made a number of albums with them. It was a dream. I had been chipping away in the industry for a long time before my time on The Voice. I had made a record for Sony Music Group.

Then moved to LA and began singing on television shows and movies like “Glee,” “Avatar” and “Frozen.” I also started doing concerts with producer, David Foster and was doing well to build my audience. There's no question “The Voice” really propelled my career from that point.

MM: You played the role of The Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera” so how did that opportunity present itself and how did you prepare for the role?

CM: After touring for a few years post “The Voice” I called my agents and said I wanted to pursue acting on stage. This was always a passion and goal of mine. I was originally called in to audition for the role of Raul in “Phantom” but half way through my audition they stopped me and said "no, no--you're a Phantom.

Can you sing The Music of the Night?" The rest is history. I still pinch myself thinking Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Cameron Mackintosh cast me. It's such a dream. I played the role for two years and 700 performances. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. I worked very hard to prepare vocally and as an actor to play this role. It's an iconic role so I wanted to bring myself to the part as much as I could while maintaining the integrity of who he is.

Albums, inspirations, and music videos

MM: What inspired the songs on “Noise” and why did you select that name for the album?

CM: I've been writing and recording the songs for NOISE for almost two years. “Gentleman” was the first song I wrote that made me go "oooooh, this is it.

This is the sound. This is the vibe!" A lot of the songs are about where I am right now in love and life. I'm a grown man--not a boy--, and I love that. I'm married with a 1 1/2-year-old son. We like this phase of our life. I feel sexy in this phase of my life. I wanted the music to reflect that. The title track, “Noise” is all about wanting to stand up for what you believe in. There's so much going on in the world. It's scary. Plus, I'd had some bumps in my road, and I was pissed. Ha. So, I wanted to scream out about it. That's where Noise came from. I can't wait for listeners to hear this track. It's so dope. It releases everywhere April 12.

MM: Will you be making music videos to go along with these songs?

CM: Yes! I've got the first lyric video for Gentleman out now and one for “Noise” coming as well. I'm in both videos--they're so bright and fun. I had them made in the UK, and the vibe is on point with this music and album. Bright and loud is what I wanted.

MM: What experiences with your fans have been the most awesome and why?

CM: My first album, “Roads,” has been a gift. That song is about how life's roads can lead us someplace difficult and unexpected, but if you stay on the road, it will lead you home. My fans have been writing to me and telling me after my concerts what “Roads” meant to them and what their personal roads story has been. It's been very powerful to connect with them on such an intimate level.

MM: How do you want your career to expand from here and might you return to the stage?

CM: I would love to return to the Broadway stage for the right project. Who knows! This year is all about “Noise.” It's a completely new look and sound for me, and I can't wait to feel that on the live stage. I'm working with Justin Timberlake's choreographers as well to add that dimension to my performance. It's mind-blowing and so fun. One of my friends and musical heroes, India. Arie, joined me on “Noise” for a duet. The song is called "Honestly," and it will release in May. It's a haunting and beautiful song and such an honor to have her join me.