Monday on “The Bold and the Beautiful” (March 25), Wyatt and Liam talked about their marriage and Hope’s progress, while Taylor and Brooke got into another brawl. Thomas confided in Hope and Douglas is getting more and more attached to her.

Liam told Wyatt that the loss of Caroline has opened a fresh wound with him losing Beth. He acknowledged that Wyatt and he would never be able to understand how Hope is feeling. She is a mother losing her child. He updated his brother that the ‘cloud’ around Hope is lifting, but she still needed a lot of time to heal before she would be interested in going back to normal.

He appeared to be disappointed that Hope has lost confidence in herself to be a mother. Wyatt reassured him that Hope will want a family again with him someday.

Douglas surprises Hope

While Douglas was outside, Thomas and Hope chatted. She tried to offer words of comfort to him, but she admitted that she too was still fragile from suffering her own loss with Beth. Thomas then revealed to her that he and Caroline were not together as a couple in New York and that they were better off as friends.

Then, Douglas ran in and said that he saw his mom outside, and Hope and Thomas gently reminded him that she is heaven.

To Hope’s surprise, Douglas asks her to be his mom.

Brooke fights for Hope

Brooke went off on Taylor about kissing Ridge in her living room. Taylor questioned why she was being so dramatic. Brooke reassured her that she was very much secure in her marriage, however, she was not willing to go through the same feud they had been through for the past few decades.

Taylor was unapologetic and brought up the past when Brooke stole her husband and paraded in the office in her lingerie.

“I’m trying to stand up for my grandchildren…. For once can’t you just respect my family?” pleaded Taylor. She blamed Bill for breaking up Liam and Steffy, but Brooke was not having it. She pointed out that Steffy had betrayed Liam with Bill, willingly, and that Hope was there for him.

She is appalled that Taylor thinks that Liam should just leave Hope and reunite with Steffy. Brooke pointed out that Taylor was actually pitting the blondes and brunettes against each other.

Brooke vowed to protect Hope from Taylor’s interference in her marriage. The scene ended with Taylor pushing Brooke’s hand away from her face as she reached out to grab her.

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