"90 Day Fiance's" Ashley Martson and Jay Smith went through the kind of drama the ratings love but angry fans raged at Jay Smith on Instagram. They slammed at Jay Smith and Ashley for toying with them. Many fans, confused by all the on and off again dramas that happened after the shooting of the finale of the current season moved from confused to plain angry.

90 Day drama between Ashley and Jay

The drama about Jay contacting other women on Tinder seems to illustrate that Jay felt justified in taking up with other women. Certainly, there's little indication of any bad conscience.

Oh well, caught, just chill everyone, seems to be the way he took Ashley's confrontation. Of course, then there's the big drama over Ashley wanting Jay out of her life and gone back to Jamaica. But fans don't like to see this sort of thing, when recently, just before Christmas Jay visited her in the hospital with her lupus.

The anger comes from what fans term as the couple "faking their story" for the show. Well, it would not be the first time that the story that gets the social media attention gets the ratings up. Real life Instagram becomes more confusing as the show is shot around eight months before airing. When people see the big drama, that comes over as a final "be off fiend" and then later they see happy photos on Instagram, confusion, and anger settle in.

90 Day couple toying with fans

While everyone knows that to a certain point these Reality TV shows are scripted, they should at least try and find a new formula for the inevitable disowning of each other on Instagram. Here, we go again - all lovey-dovey, then taking down photos of each other and even unfollowing each other. Next, lovey-dovey and sorry, and then each of them liking each other's posts again and turning off comments.

Then turning them on again. And, in this case, just in time to get lambasted for it.

Jay Smith posted up on Instagram Sunday night showing a photo of him and Ashley. He captioned it with, "I wanted to tell you that wherever I am, whatever happens, I’ll always think of you, and the time we spent together, as my happiest time.

I’d do it all over again, if I had the choice." This was pretty much in line with the episode everyone just watched. But everyone knows just recently they still were together. You can delete an Instagram post, but unfortunately, you cannot delete the memories of readers.

Fans rage at Jay Smith and Ashley Martson

Here's what some angry fans had to say to the "90 Day Fiance" couple:

  • @yzzy.88: "Show aired dating back to June. stop ya still together."
  • @carlanapolitano29: "He’s still here... she was in the hospital over Christmas because of her Lupus.. he was there with her. Half of this stuff is fake drama Before the show aired last week.. their IG was filled with pics and videos of them together. The show was filmed about 8 months ago ."
  • @sexii_21001: "really? Damn they trying to play with us."
  • @myndurs: "Ok y’all are trynna play us now. You was just with her in the hospital on Christmas."
  • @isanicole2007: "Instagram ruined the show."

What do you think of the outcome, and the play-acting? Are Jay Smith and Ashley Martson just toying with the fans of "90 Day Fiance?" Stay in touch with TV Shows by following Blasting Pop.