"90 Day Fiance's" been all about rumors Jay Smith and Ashley Martson split after they took down photos of each other. Plus, Ashley came out with several cryptic stories and tags on her Instagram. On Christmas Eve, looking very serious, Jay Smith apologized and begged Ashley to forgive him over his cheating. However, the video was taken down within mere hours.

'90 Day Jay' Smith split rumors

Some of the rumors of the split came ahead of new episodes of recent "90 Day Fiance" episodes. In fact, many fans just assumed it was all hype for the show to raise the ratings.

But following the episode with the Tinder date site and Jay putting it out there that he was available, the fat was right in the fire.

The apology now seems to set it in concrete that there was a big problem in their relationship. The apology sounds contrite, but whether people believe it's for real or not isn't known. Incidentally, the comments were turned off on his video, but yesterday, Ashley allowed comments on her cryptic hashtag post. (She tagged a wedding photo with #wishiwasstillthishappy." The question still is whether this was all manufactured drama, or if his apology is genuine. More to the point, is Ashey likey to forgive him?

As Jay set up his account just after getting married, it's unlikely.

The apology as Jay begs Ashley

Here's what Jay Smith had to say:

  • He's really sorry he fell off the tracks.
  • He owes an apology to his fans and Ashley
  • He loves Ashley "so much."
  • She's the "best things that ever happened."
  • He appreciates everything Ashley did for him.
  • Jay would do anything to be able to go back in the past and "get [Ashley] smiling again."
  • He misses Ashley so much.
  • Jay hopes Ashley will "find space" in her heart to forgive him.
  • Apart from that, Jay made the age-old promise that "it would never happen again."

Ashley Martson and videos taken down

Is this all scripted?

Will it all come right? It's still hard to know. When the couple took down their photos and videos of each other this past week, one of them showed Roxy covered by a big smiling emoji as Jay and Ashley's daughter danced. In the comments, it came out that possibly, a Christmas photo of the kids and all would be put out for Christmas.

Instagram is, after all, all about the instant. For those who don't know, that's why it's called "Instagram." Mind you, that does not stop many celebs from posting old photos up.

Anyway, so far Ashley has not responded. On her Instagram, there is a story showing she just wants her good health for Christmas. However, inside of four hours, the apology video was already taken down. Luckily screen captures were invented.

What do you think about Jay Smith begging Ashley Martson for forgiveness? More than that, the fact the video was taken down speaks volumes, don't you think?

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