Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" reveal that a fan favorite who left the soap wants to be a part of the daytime drama again. Eileen Davidson, who said she was burnt out and wanted to leave her role of over 30 years behind, has now indicated that she would like to come back to her old stomping grounds on a temporary basis. The woman who portrayed Ashley Abbott off and on since the 1980s says she understands if the role needs to be recast, but that she would love to return to Genoa City on a non-contract basis. Considering that her character was dating Neil Winters, whose portrayer, Kristoff St.

John, recently passed away, perhaps she may return as soon as his memorial service.

Eileen denies she left 'Y&R' due to Mal Young

Soap Opera Spy reveals that Eric Braeden, who portrays Victor Newman, blamed former head writer Mal Young for Eileen Davidson leaving "Y&R." He believes the actress is wanting to return because Young was recently fired. Ms. Davidson has continued to state that Young had nothing to do with her walking away and applauded the way her character was written out of the show. Davidson insists she left her popular role because she was tired and needed a change. Now that she has had her break, she is rethinking coming back to Genoa City.

Ashley Abbott could return to Genoa City for a number of reasons.

Her former lover, Neil, will soon be written out of the show due to Kristoff St. John's death and she may come back for his memorial service. The "Y&R" writers could have Eileen come back home due to a decline in the health of her mother or due to Dina's death. The character could always resurface for the wedding of her daughter Abby or even to finalize Jabot business.

I also hope Shemar Moore returns.

Fans will always welcome Ashley back

Whatever her reason for changing her mind, loyal fans will always welcome Eileen Davidson as Ashley back to Genoa City. Should she return, she will find her family in chaos. Phyllis, Kerry, and Laureen are giving Billy and Kyle a hard time at Jabot. Abby is trying to plan a wedding and deal with Mia, who seems obsessed with Arturo.

Soon, everyone will be mourning the loss Neil, and the J.T. mystery is affecting everyone in town. Soap Hub indicates that in coming weeks, things will get even more hectic for the Newmans and Abbotts.

Davidson is a professional and understands that things in Genoa City may go on without her character. She warned fans that it's possible "Y&R" may not use her again and could choose a recast for her former role. Adam Newman is also returning. Eileen said that if this should happen, the viewers should welcome the new actress with open arms.