On February 9, performer and musician Mozart from The Chippendales sat down and chatted with this journalist prior to their early show at The Paramount in Huntington. They performed two back-to-back shows at this Long Island venue, which was part of their 2019 "Let's Misbehave" Tour.

Playing at The Paramount

Joining Mozart, at this New York show at The Paramount, were such Chippendales performers as Shiva Paul, Tory George, Chris Mike, Lenny Trae, Okewa Garrett, and Adam Barabas. "It feels very good to be at The Paramount," Mozart said. "I like this place.

It is really cool and it has a good sound."

Regarding his plans for the year, Mozart said, "2019 has been good. Right now, I am doing The Chippendales, and when we have a vacation, I would like to explore another country. Hopefully, we find a country that we can explore and do the adventurous things that we do. I want to learn just as much from this year as I did from the previous ones."

For the Chippendales fans, Mozart said, "The fact that they are called fans is that they look up to you and they like you. I think whoever likes me and like my journey has a similar mindset to mine. Let's all express ourselves in the best way that we can. We are all the fans and we are all rocking and rolling."

Advice for aspiring dancers and musicians

Mozart offered the following advice for aspiring entertainers who wish to go into dancing and music.

"Be yourself. Stay true to yourself," he said, prior to defining the world success as "being driven in life." "Being happy in every moment and always being driven for your future self," he added.

Mozart's views on technology in entertainment

On the impact of technology on the entertainment industry, Mozart said, "Back when I was younger, I went through a phase when I was frustrated about it.

I couldn't understand technology as well as I understood how to play instruments. I can grab any instrument and figure out how it works. With technology, you are sitting behind a computer that does everything, which is incredible. Technology takes the flavor away from the acoustic, organic vibe. Everything in life tastes better when there is an effort to it."

"A computer can make an orchestra," Mozart added.

"If you truly have an idea in your head, and you don't have the source of buying all these instruments and recording them, one laptop can do the job for you. That is incredible since you can bring the mind of a genius in a very fast and strong quality without the interruption of others in such a short time. You can make a whole orchestra song in a day and that's impeccable."

As a musician, Mozart enjoys Spotify since every song in the world is at your fingertips. "That is amazing," he admitted. "You can open yourself up to music from every region of the world such as Indian music, African music, Canadian music, American music and Middle Eastern music. You can go on Spotify, click a button and find that music, and that's a beautiful thing."