"Sister Wives" star Christine Brown took to her Instagram to announce that Paedon, the third child born to her and Kody Brown, is heading off to National Guard boot camp. Paedon is following the footsteps of his half-sibling Garrison, the son of Kody and Janelle Brown. Garrison left for the National Guard on July 12, 2016, and graduated in September that year.

Sister Wives mom says Paedon Brown will be in Utah

On her Instagram post last night, Christine said that Paedon will attend the National Guard in Utah. That's nice for him, even though he will be far from his family in Flagstaff, Arizona.

They recently moved there from Nevada. Mind you, Paedon always loved Utah. "Sister Wives" fans can recall that when the Brown family left Utah for Las Vegas, Nevada, he was angry and distressed. In February last year, Hollywood Life cited him as saying, "I was very sad. I was very hurt, and I honestly thought my parents were doing this to hurt me for a long time."

His mom, Christine opened up about it, noting that Paedon was so angry about the move. Yet, he used to be a happy child. After six years of living in Vegas, he still felt bitter about it. She felt bad because they "ripped that kid out of his school and out of his safety and out of his friends." She added that when they got to Vegas he had nothing.

The "Sister Wives" son graduated from Centennial High School in August of 2017. Nobody was sure where he was living recently, but he did post up on Instagram #missmyfamily, according to a January article by TV Shows Ace.

Fans of the TLC show react to Paedon following Garrison

"Sister Wives" fans mainly came across as thrilled to hear that Paedon would join the National Guard.

Many of them thanked him for his service. Other, who served in the forces congratulated him on his decision. Here's what some of them had to say about it:

  • @angelblissliz: "Thank you Paedon! And your family for raising such an awesome man."
  • @mom2madbrad: "No way when did he become an adult wow!! Thankyou for your service!!!"
  • @tieia: "My husband was a fighter pilot for 21 years. Please thank your son for his sacrifice and service!"
  • @pink_birds_are_cool: "Congratulations! My son is in basic right now for Kentucky National Guard. Thanks Pardon for your service!"

When some followers asked why everyone was thanking him, one person who had served explained that in the USA they do this because they may only meet the National Guard in times of disaster.

They may not have time to thank them, so they say it in advance. Another follower explained that in the USA there is the Army and the National Guard. National Guard can respond to national disasters. Not only that, but the State can request them, However, the Army answers to the federal government.

Season 13 of 'Sister Wives' debuted Sunday night

The latest season of "Sister Wives" debuted on Sunday, January 20. It's not certain that we will get an inkling of what Paedon was doing during the shooting for that season. Even then, we may not see much more of Paedon or his family for much longer. According to an article by Soap Dirt, apparently, Kody Brown had to haggle with TLC for the renewal of the show.

What do you think about Paedon Brown following his half brother Garrison into the National Guard? Did you know his brother Hunter enrolled in the Airforce Academy? Do you think these are good career choices for young men?

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