"Sister Wives" fans know Janelle Brown knows how to improvise and this year, she shared how that worked for her as they celebrated a New Year tradition. Apparently each year, on New Years Day they make jigsaw puzzles. They also binge watch movies, and this year's choice was "Lord of the Rings." However, they needed some adjustment as the move to Flagstaff left things rather chaotic.

'Sister Wives' family moved to Arizona so stuff's in disarray

Everyone knows that moving is such a hassle. This is especially true when you move into a rental and know that another home will come along later.

This may account for why the Sister Wives all battle to find stuff. Meri Brown mentioned at Thanksgiving how she struggled to cook. Her kitchen contained boxes of things and she had no idea where to find everything she needed.

Now, it seems Janelle also needs figuring where everything's at. Instead of making up their puzzles on the puzzle board, they improvised. Out came old moving boxes and those made do for a proper board. However, obviously, the fun and stability of traditions made for a good time. On Instagram, Janelle captioned a photo of the day with, "New Year's tradition. Jigsaw puzzles and a Lord Of The Rings marathon. We are using an old moving box as I have no idea where our puzzle board is."

Fans react to Janelle Brown's post about New Year

Fans of "Sister Wives" reacted to Janelle's post about jigsaw puzzled and movies.

Here's what some of them had to say:

  • @cmusser07: "Ah! We made that same puzzle last New Year! "Brown's General Store"--perfect! You should hang it when you're done!"
  • @beckbayduza: "You must have the patience of a saint to put that together lol."
  • @blessed2blovedby3: "My kind of night! Love this!"
  • @bopeep35: "Sounds like such an awesome tradition! I love it!"
  • @skwilson67: "Awesome! I really like the fancy "box" table! That's something we would do."

Many similar comments followed.

and it seems people love Janelle because she never comes across as pretentious. She's a nice person who just shares her life; the good, the bad and the downside of daily issues. Everyone knows how it feels making-do just as Janelle did at New Year.

The upcoming season of 'Sister Wives'

TLC already announced the premiere date for the new season of "Sister Wives" In fact, the preview mentions Kody's desire to move from Nevada.

In the trailer, Janelle Brown seemed upset, especially as it meant her son Gabriel's schooling might be disrupted. However, since the move, her Instagram posts show that she seems happy in Flagstaff. Remember to keep an eye out for the next season on TLC at 8/7c. Season 8 of "Sister Wives" premieres on Sunday, January 20.