"90 Day Fiance" couple Ashley Martson and Jay Smith faced rumors and allegations that perhaps they never married. Of course, if they never did marry, then that could have put TLC in a spot. Ashley said on her Instagram that she spoke with TLC and they advised her to put out some clarification on the issue.

'90 Day' rumors increasing as Jay Smith toys with fans on Instagram

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" became confused over all the cryptic messages by Ashley and Jay on Instagram. Much drama surrounds the two, who take down posts, unfollow each other, then start posting again. Jay intimated he left the USA and went to Jamaica.

Ashley said categorically on her Instagram that Jay never went back to Jamaica. Are they together or not? Did they actually ever marry? Until recently, that confusion mainly confined itself to the chatter on their various posts. However, the explosive emotions surrounding the couple started attracting writers, so inevitably, the question of their marriage arose.

In what seems to be a well-researched article, Soap Dirt raised the question as to why no record of their marriage existed in Las Vegas. In their timeline of possible events surrounding Ashley and Jay and their various weddings, which included a "faux" one in Jamaica, the news outlet came to some well-reasoned conclusions. "Jay and Ashley had the faux wedding ceremony in Jamaica, split up due to his cheating, and decided to film anyway for the sake of attention," it was theorized.

Followers of the show react to the Ashley Martson marriage question

Over on Facebook, fans reacted to the article with displeasure. Nobody likes the hype and confusion over this "90 Day Fiance" couple. Their comments ranged from questioning the veracity of it all, and noting it would make the whole show a "sham." Others were unhappy with all the "scheming going on." Perhaps because TLC's integrity was questioned, Ashley put it out that she did indeed marry Jay, or rather Conroy Smith, which is his real name.

She also explained all about how they never married in Vegas after all and actually hitched in Harrisburg, PA. That probably confused fans even more.

Ashley and Jay married in Harrisburg, PA and here's how/why

The complicated story just became even more complicated, so here is her verbatim explanation of what went down:

"I know there are some rumors, so I spoke with TLC they would like me to clarify: We scheduled our original wedding on the 88th day after Jay arrived to America.

Due to canceling our original wedding plans so last minute (as you saw on the show during the wedding registry incident) and having my kids that weekend, we could not go to Vegas before the 90 days were up. Jay and I went to City Hall in Harrisburg, PA, said our vows, then flew out to Vegas for an actual ceremony a week later. This is why no one can find a public certificate in the Vegas records. I hope this gives you all some clarification! Please don’t mind my kids juice box spill on the certificate!"

Will the marriage certificate endure?

The troubled with the social media accounts of Ashley Martson and Jay Smith is that their "90 Day Fiance" posts come and go off Instagram as fast as you can blink.

Should this post be taken down, you can still view the marriage certificate in the video assigned to this article at the top of the page.

What do you think about Ashley Martson and Jay Smith not marrying in Vegas, and only coming out with the marriage certificate after a news outlet queried their Vegas 'wedding?'

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