Sam Smith and Normani teased fans about their new song "Dancing With A Stranger" last year. Now the song has dropped and fans over on YouTube just can't say enough about it. It seems that this will be an instant hit as it trends worldwide. Billboard said that the origins of the collaboration started when there was a "chance encounter at the studio in Los Angeles as the British singer was writing with Stargate and Jimmy Napes. As the story goes, Normani was in the studio next door and the rest is all in the recording."

'Dancing With A Stranger' YouTube reactions

YouTube is filling up with ecstatic comments over the new number.

Here's what some of the hundreds of thousands of viewers had to say about it:

  • @maple syrup: "Her voice is so silky and smooth. I love! and Sam kills period."
  • @Ry: "Normani’s TONE. Sam and Normani snapped as usual."
  • @Kendra P: "Normani voice is so therapeutic I’ve been cured."
  • @123 456: "This Man cannot make a bad song !!!!"
  • @Manuel Rodriguez: "Normani with that deep tone is a mood!!! Slaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!"
  • @Livy Roo: "They sound so good together! Their voices just blend perfectly."
  • @alexzander collazo: "They both have beautiful voices it sounds like angles. Love this song already!!!!!!!!!!!"

Twitter reacts to Sam Smith & Normani

Over on Twitter, fans also hit new highs of excitement for the number by Sam Smith and Normani.

Normani News tweeted that they hit worldwide popularity.

@Deja said, "Just woke up and what am I listening for the 1000th time already? It's so good lol." Then, @Jenn posted, "Thank you #SamSmith and #Normani for creating beautiful art.

We need soul soothing more than ever." Hundreds of similar sentiments point to this song being something very special to arrive in 2019. The good news is, that according to BigTop40, this is just one of several collaborations planned for 2019. Therefore, fans of the pair can hopefully look forward to some more hot releases in the near future.

You can listen to it in the YouTube post below:

Take a look at this from Twitter. It really is beautiful. It is lovely to see how people are grabbing onto this soulful song:

What do you think about the almost instant success of Sam Smith & Normani's "Dancing With A Stranger?" Do you think we need something beautiful and soulful in our lives these days?

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