"90 Day Fiance" star Ashley Martson's on her way home after dealing with a torrid time as she went into kidney failure. Her collapse at home and subsequent stay in the hospital got fans worried for her. At one stage, word was that she faced a kidney transplant if dialysis failed. However, it looks like the treatment worked as she's on the way home, according to an Instagram Story on her official account.

'90 Day's' Ashley not out the woods yet

Although the Instagram story says Ashley's going home, she still faces a lot of care over her Lupus complications.

In a previous update, whoever's been looking after her social media account noted that there's a long way for Ashley to go. However, the news that she's out of the hospital and under the care of home care health workers really bodes well for her.

While nobody knows for certain that Jay Smith and Ashley remained together after the "90 Day Fiance" Tell-all, he visited her in the hospital when she fell sick. Posts he put up on Instagram suggested he rushed back from wherever he was, to support her. It would be nice for Ashley if they get along a bit better than the Tell-All revealed. She certainly needs no stress right now and needs to focus on getting better.

Ashley Martson in hospital around Christmas time

Around about Christmas time, fans of "90 Day Fiance" saw from Instagram posts that Ashley went to the hospital. It's not clear how long she stayed there, but we do know she went home.

That's because another post on January 13 revealed her collapse at home. Amidst her illness, Ashley's social media accounts suffered relentless trolling. That kind of stress prompted her to ask for people not to post negative comments as life's hard enough to cope with as it is. That request, largely ignored by trolls obviously fell on deaf ears.

Nevertheless, Ashley does have her "90 Day Fiance" supporters and they rushed to defend her during this worrying time. Here's what some of them had to say about it on Jay Smith's posts. (Ashley turned off commenting on her Instagram):

  • @elsey_the_kitty: "I'm so sorry poor you asheley. Sorry to you Jay ur poor fiancee."
  • @pizzlestechtime: "God bless! Be good to these people!"
  • @cindymcgirt: "Praying for you Ashley... Jay it's good to see you by her side..."

Can Ashley & Jay Smith work things out at home?

In the "90 Day Fiance" Tell-All, the couple admitted they rushed into their marriage. That's unfortunate, as they both struggled with their relationship, TV Shows Ace reported. Fans became confused by their on-again, off-again Instagram posts.

In fact, many of them thought the couple just played them along for TLC ratings. However, given that Ashley's been so ill, perhaps fans misinterpreted some stuff. If you are so ill that you need dialysis in intensive care, it's unlikely that you would play games on social media, after all.

What do you think about Ashley Martson going home after her hospital stay? Do you think Jay Smith will be there for her?

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