Avatar” was a Sci-fi movie and it took almost ten years to make. James Cameron had the idea in 1994 and it released in 2009 to break all records at the box office by grossing $2.8bn. It toppled “Titanic” from the pedestal. Based on its success, there were four sequels announced in 2017 and two of them are now ready. Probable dates are Avatar 2 in 2020 and Avatar 3 the next year. The titles are “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Avatar: The Seed Bearer” respectively.

Daily Mail UK reports James Cameron had plans for the sequels but with a tie-up between 20th Century Fox, and Disney in the offing, there are doubts about whether there will be four sequels.

James Cameron had earlier said that his focus was on Avatar 2, as well as the other three.

The story is gripping

Avatar” had held the audience spellbound. The storyline set in the mid-22nd century is interesting. It is all about humans colonizing moon Pandora to exploit its natural resources. It has an abundance of a mineral unobtanium, which the humans want to lay hands on. However, their arrival is a threat to the local humanoid species. They are the Na'vi who are artificial bodies. It is a sci-fi movie and like all Movies of this genre, there is an unlimited scope of animation.

All the action is underwater and James Cameron directs it.

Tonowari (played by Cliff Curtis) is the leader of the Metkayina, who are the reef people clan. He is 50-years-old and has with him Zoe Saldana (40), Sam Worthington (42), and Sigourney Weaver (69). Sigourney has reassured fans that the sequel will live up to its mark and will be worth waiting for.

In April 2017, director James Cameron announced, “Avatar takes flight as we begin concurrent production on four sequels.” However, while Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are ready, there are doubts about Avatar 4 and 5.

There is a probable Disney-Fox merger looming ahead and the outcome could have an effect on whether the director will be able to exercise his creative control over the films.

Success of the sequels will be the deciding factor

According to Entertainment IE, James Cameron made the deal for the ‘'Avatar” sequels with 20th Century Fox.

The merger of Fox and Disney means Cameron will have to renegotiate the deal in totality or in parts. Disney CEO Bob Iger has given the OK for first two sequels but there are doubts about the remaining two. The new setup will probably take a decision based on the success of Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. A certain section of the audience loves sci-fi movies that take them on imaginary trips to another world where they meet larger-than-life characters. “Avatar” had done just that and the sequels should maintain the trend.