"Teen Mom 2" fans are furious as Kailyn Lowry retweeted a story that suggested she was expecting a baby girl. The title by Celebuzz.com said, "Kailyn announces that she's welcoming a baby girl." On Twitter, fans and followers found only disappointment when they read the article and they expressed their anger that Kailyn helped to promote a clickbait story. Turns out Kailyn is not expecting a baby girl - at least not one of her own.

'Teen Mom' article very misleading

The article clearly suggested that a baby girl was on the way. The MTV Reality TV show is all about young women having babies, so fans of "Teen Mom 2" at first thought Kailyn had some great news for them.

It was only on the very last page of one of those slide-style articles, that it was revealed it's not her baby at all. In fact, it turns out the baby is her sister's. There, old social media posts by Kailyn and her sister clearly showed they were from October.

The Outlet wrote, "Kailyn’s sister wrote on social media in October, "So excited to start this journey with you. We found out the most EXCITING news today...WE’RE HAVING A GIRL!!" They also added, “IM HAVING A NIECE YA'LL! [sic]" Kailyn gushed in the comments." So, actually this is not new news, and fans of "Teen Mom 2" become angry when they are duped into thinking something good is happening. They become even angrier when someone helps to promote clickbait.

Kailyn Lowry fans react to clickbait sharing on Twitter

On Twitter, fans of "TM2" were disgusted that Kailyn had retweeted the story. Here's what some of them had to say:

  • @alllli_gator: "Letting y’all know that her sister is having the baby, not her! Saved you a read."
  • @flygrime: " ‏Wow Clickbait On Yourself! Using that money to pay for all those wet books that people paid for?"
  • ‏ @lilshoppingirl: "And then you wonder how rumors get started! Nice that you have to click through to the VERY LAST PAGE to find out it’s Kail’s SISTER who is having the baby!

In fact, others outright slammed Kailyn saying - "whoa, what, wait!" One follower called Kailyn the "Queen of click bait.

Patheticccccc." Several others told her off too.

Some 'TM2' fans duped into thinking Kailyn's expecting a girl

Some fans really thought she was pregnant again, and one of them wished she could get some "baby dust" from her as she wants a baby too. Congratulations came in from those who either got bored clicking through all the slide-pages, or just took the headline as gospel that she's expecting.

In vain, and rather sadly, they posted up their nice thoughts. More than one posted about their congrats.

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